Aug 2, 2015


NOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is probably why I never have any Christmas items for sale.  I don't want to think about the coming seasons so I ignore them and then it's too late to start sewing or painting.  We've had two weeks of very nice weather and this week will be low to mid 70's.  Next thing you know, 40 at night and it's all downhill from there.
I started working on Sally Fiske again because I have to finish her now or I won't ever.  Kitpin was staring at me and I apologized, she would have to wait.  My new hoop (10") is not large enough for Sally.  There is so much fabric in my lap and on the sides that I can't get to the back of the hoop.  I took the large floor stand from the back of my car (should have been dropped off at Goodwill last week) and was grateful for procrastination.  Mark is going to modify it for me so I hope it will work out.

My brother's wife had many many baskets, most of which were handmade by weavers she knew, or from shows.  It was time to move them out so my car is filled for the consignment shop.  My sister took a few beauties and I only kept a few smalls, a very well made round, and a larger flat back which had hearts and houses stenciled on the wide band.  I used a soft wire brush and Simple Green - now they're gone!   When it's dry I may have to go over that band with a little stain but it's better than stencils.  Must have been purchased long ago. 
I'm concerned that my favorite shop in Volant, James Creek Galleries, may be changing too much.  Several friends noticed it and think it may be heading for closing.  I sure hope not.  The gal that worked there through several owners and many years, knowledgeable and a pleasure to visit, is no longer there.   We lost a shop in Vienna Ohio recently and except for Meander Hill, there isn't much anything around.  Especially for upholstered pieces and case goods.  Pine Cone gift shop is about 90 minutes and looks to be a nice place, but I try to stay away from any distance rides because of my neck.  Years ago there were several nice places in the Boardman area but I keep asking, no one knows of any now.
A peek into my pantry - Walgreen's had Dove on sale last week 2/$5.  Great price.  Can't pass up a bargain.  They must be making smaller bags because they are not lasting as long as they should.
Have a great start to your week.  The first week of the last month of summer.  I need a pill.
Thanks for visiting.
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