Aug 9, 2015


Hello people.  While car shopping in Columbiana Ohio, I stopped in the Pewter Peddler shop.  It was opening day for Shaker Woods Festival, but I just didn't have the energy for the crowds.  We used to go every year but the older I get, I need a place to rest my hind quarters every once in a while.  Finding a spot to sit for a minute is sometimes difficult when it's opening weekend  It's held in the woods on gravel paths and a very nice shopping experience with good food and live music also.  Three weekends in August, here is the Facebook page for Shaker Woods, and here is the crafter's map of the grounds and a brief description of their wares.

I always think of Patti when looking at primitives and since everyone else thinks I'm nuts, I only have you to share purchases with!  Two items from the Peddler.  The sweetest little set of drawers,
and this small hanging wall box with drawer and recessed shelf.

We had a large and friendly visitor today that we collared and leashed to the tree out front after playing with her for a while and sipping water together.  Different bowls though.  Sure enough, the owner came by within an hour and spotted her. 
This visitor didn't need our help.
Have a great start to the second week of August as summer slips away.
Thanks for visiting.


Evelyne said...

Wow I love them both!!!!
Have a nice week,

Vickie said...

Great finds.
Good for you reuniting the dog and owner.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Two beautiful pieces but that set of drawers is my favorite! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, Thank you for sharing your "finds". Love them both! Your photo is great! We so enjoy your posts!! Thank you for taking the time to share with us!! Enjoy your week! SAH

Barb said...

Both the pewter and the set of drawers are wonderful. It is so hard to find things like that in the NW. That looks like a fun festival but I'm with you,the older I get,the less I like crowds!

Marie said...

I wish I lived closer so that I could go to the Shaker Woods Festival. Love your purchases.
Nice picture of the butterfly.

Kelly said...

What a full day! Great finds, beautiful butterfly to enjoy (great pic, btw) and "babysitting".

Ele said...

Love your finds! Especially the wall box. Shaker Woods festival sounds fantastic.
Have a very good day

Pam in IL said...

Awesome finds! Love the butterfly and flowers too. How nice that you helped your large, friendly visitor. Have a great week!

Karen Martinsen said...

Two very nice finds - I love the finish on the smaller piece.
The event sounds wonderful but I so get where you are coming from when you described the terrain...I have a difficult time on uneven surfaces and tire more easily...but seriously for me it is AGE...I've got years on you! lol
What a gorgeous butterfly and so large.


Judy said...

Marly, I absolutely love the pewter mugs. I'm imagining myself drinking apple cider from them on a crisp fall day as I face a gentle breeze. Can you tell I'm pining for autumn?

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