Aug 11, 2015

Slowly I turn, stitch by stitch

I only stitch in the evening and I've been sitting outside enjoying the weather instead.   Progress is slow but I'm getting the sections that I've been avoiding out of the way.
Finished the eyelet row..

that chain (?) dividing band, and now the over one but up two (or tall cross over one) (or single wide double high).  Not as bad as over one both ways but still a pain.  Good thing it's only a few words and letters within the lines.  Completing the next rows will be easy.  I really need to work on this more and get'r done.
I visited the framing shop where the baskets are going, and there isn't any primitive at all, but lovely china, Lenox pieces, jewelry, dining sets, and decorator items.  I saw a cherry chest on wood casters with original keyed drawer locks.  For a bedroom I guess, but for the price, I may get it for the parlor.  The tiny room is never used and I keep stitching supplies there so it may be a good fit.  I'm getting too old to wait for the "right" piece that compliments a colonial look, or to spend a fortune on it.  It's storage, it's well constructed, it's old, and it's reasonable.   The only question will be, how many times will I change my mind before someone else buys it.
Have a great day!

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