Sep 6, 2015

It's over!

Hello people.  Labor Day.  The holiday that I associate with summer's end.  I will be sticking around the house whining.  Hoping you will be participating in whatever you choose for the day. 
I am drug sensitive.  Doctors don't believe me and think it's a fallacy.  I knew the loss of balance with dizziness was coming on so I took less than one half of a 25 mg. Meclizine (Antivert).  I can not function, wake up, concentrate and this is day two.  Normally I am groggy for a day and get over it but the last two times have had prolonged effects.  When I had a biopsy that took 20 minutes, I was out for hours after the "conscious sedation".  One OTC Benadryl tablet knocks me out too.  Two days of antibiotics and I am doing the seated cha-cha (yeast infection). I think they better start believing me!
Progress is still slow on Sally's house and honestly, I have not been in the mood to stitch for some time now.  I am moving forward, but I am losing interest.  So why the hell am I still seeing charts and wanting to purchase them?  I made an error on the lower windows and front door because I was not paying attention to the chart.  Once I get the pattern in my head, I assume the rest is the same but this is so not true in reproductions.  The windows flanking the front door are to be one stitch narrower than the rest and I failed to check that, so instead, mine are the full width of the others.  Instead of removing those stitches, I took two stitches from the door's width to keep the design around it the same as the chart.  This messed up the over 4 rice stitch at the entrance (green) so I only did rice at the edges.  I also thought the X's (to signify rice) meant to use the color assigned to that symbol (DMC 3371) and had to remove it all. 
I have another kitcheny thing to show you.  When we had the standard sink base we had the tip-out trays behind the false fronts at the top.  Since we no longer have that style, we installed the thin, removable and washable trays inside the doors.  Very handy and thin enough to not interfere with the doors.  They are low cut and don't hold a lot, but having the brushes and scrubbies handy is nice.
And in all the years of gardens, we have never had the fawns eat the large zucchini leaves and also the zucchini themselves.  So surprised to find them inside the fence since the rest of the garden was terminated by them months ago.  The plants covered this area and we had three zukes left before this.
That's it folks.  Hope you're enjoying the long weekend. 
Thanks for visiting.


Barb said...

I have my share of drug problems too, especially any kind of pain medication, makes me as sick as a dog, no worry of addiction there! Your design looks very good to me. Maybe that big house is boring you. I'm sorry you had such a cool damp summer. I wish I could have shared a bit of our record breaking summer! Hottest and driest ever recorded!

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I have made the same mistake myself on many projects, however yours looks good, mine not so much.
Love the tray idea, I am going to have to copy it, if you do not mind.
I have a fence around my garden now, the raccoons and deer played havoc with my veggies, the stinkers.
I have a friend who if she takes a sip just a sip of alcohol, she passes out, her husband calls her a lightweight which I think is mean, but she does not mind, some doctors refuse to listen to there patients, good luck on the medication front.
I like the cha cha description so funny.

Have a stitch holiday.

C M Designs said...

Thinking of you and hoping for Fall weather that will be of your liking. Sorry about your garden.
It hasn't been an enjoyable summer here either.
I hope you're feeling good more dizzy spells. Not good !
Charlotte in Va.

gracie said...

Hope you are feeling better. I do like the tray inside the door....I could really use that idea.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Seated cha-cha. You always make me laugh and I desperately needed that.
Even though it doesn't feel like it, summer is over. Boo hoo.
Hugs :)

Kaisievic said...

I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry re making a mistake, we all do it and now it is uniquely yours.

Maggee said...

Tell the doctors about those symptoms! then make sure they notate your file!! Our doctors ask us each visit about what we have down for allergies... Every time!! Sounds like yours are going on their 'gut' or instincts about the drugs, instead of the facts as told by their patient!! Have they never heard of 'it can happen...' ?? Grrrr.... Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, So sorry to hear of your medication troubles. Keep track of them and continue to reinforce the effects of each to your doctor(s). Prayers said that you feel better soon. Your sampler is beautiful! Great cabinet idea. I love the fact it's removable. So sorry about the veggies but I'm sure the deer were very appreciative. Sending you wishes for a pleasant week. SAH

Terri said...

I have the same problems with drugs, too. I once took a Pamprin or Midol and was out the entire weekend!

Eat yogurt while taking the antibiotics. It will help fight the "cha cha" :-)

Pam in IL said...

So sorry to hear that you are having medication troubles. Praying that it gets worked out quickly. Sally is looking good and I would have done the same with changing the door's width. I tried to talk my hubby into letting me put those trays inside on my cabinet doors, but he said it wouldn't work on our cabinet doors.

I agree with you, Labor Day marks the end of summer. When I start complaining, hubby says "just think of it as one day closer to spring". I'm surprised the fawns ate the zukes and their leaves too. Apparently, the fawns don't mind those prickly zuke leaves, lol.

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