Sep 1, 2015

The sink base

Hello people.   It's been a while since I bored you with kitchen stuff so I thought it was about time to do it again. 
Not sure if I showed you the finished sink base.  It was a standard base until we easily modified it to accept the soapstone farm sink. 
This color is SW's Curio Gray, an old historic color that they still have in their fan deck.

 The other cabinets are a little lighter and very neutral.  Behr's Riviera Beach.  I did a dark Minwax walnut stain on the edges, then a coat of dark cranberry.  You can see the red through the chips and the stain on the edges.  The same stain that covered me and half the kitchen a few days ago.
We went to Volant for Amish farm goods and stopped at the antique shop and James Creek.  I found this 8" wide x 34" old wooden oven peel.  The tapered end is delicate and so very thin from use.  I needed something long and narrow for the side of the fridge and this is perfect. 

James Creek looked very nice, better than a month ago, and the shop was filled with Fall colors.  Since Homespun Weavers have changed to a more limited and modern line of wovens, I grabbed several small pieces at 40% off.  When she told me a month ago that the colonial lines were discontinued, I should have grabbed the larger cloths then.   
We stopped in River's Edge to see Wendy (Judy), who worked at JC for many years and was a joy to visit with.  I have always called her Judy since that's exactly what she looks like to me.  A Judy. 
And speaking of discontinued, I'm sure you've all heard by now that Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly is finished.  The fall issue was its last.  I just renewed for two years.
That's it.  Still car shopping, narrowed down to another Escape or Subaru Forester.  The Escape comes in a wild gold called Electric Spice.  That may be the deciding factor since I am used to, and want, a car easily seen in the parking lots.  I've helped many elderly folks that I found roaming the lots find their vehicles and am not ready to become one of them.
Have a good week.
Thanks for visiting.


Chris said...

When picking a rental car I really like the ford Escapes. They have done a great job with this car. Love the back up camera and USB ports and profile. But then I love my Subaru. I will be buying another Subaru.

Anonymous said...

Love the post! Thank you for sharing all the tidbits!! SAH

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about Sampler and Antiques and sorry you renewed. I almost subscribed., but I am not really happy with Just Cross Stititch and will probably let it expire.
On a happy note, I told you a number of weeks ago, I ordered those adorable birds from the Farmhouse. They arrived yesterday and are just right. Thanks for your blog.

Marilyn said...

The fabrics are pretty.
I bought a Subaru Legacy last year, and love it.
Has a lot of room in the back, handles easily, and is great with the AWD in the winter.
Subaru's have a great resale value also.
That spice color is kind of pretty though. :)
Good luck on deciding.

C. M. Designs said...

You have done a "prim" job on your sink........Love it ! You sure have had a lot of patience (and disasters) while working on it.
I see "Batman" is visiting your kitchen...."ears sticking up".
You find the best antiques. Can't ever find anything anywhere likes your finds here.
Enjoy your day.......I hope you'll find a new car that will be perfect for you in every way. That color is not bad at all.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Glad you posted that James Creek was stocked. I was worried it was closing. To me, it's the only store worth visiting in Volante!

Vickie said...

Two great choices and one big decision to make for you. I love the Electric Spice. That is very you! You know we are on our second Escape. After reading Chris' post about her 3K miles on her Forester though....

Carol said...

Your kitchen is really coming together, Marly! You have such a genuine attention to detail and it really looks splendid :)

Cheryl WNC said...

I like this color. I was just telling my husband last night that I was ready to start looking for a new car. But, it was going to be a funky color so I could find mine in a sea of sameness. No more silver camry's. Ugh.
Good luck with your search. Cabinets look great.

Melody said...

Love the Ford Escape. The color looks like it will suit your requirements. I like it. Good solid Fall color. Have fun looking.

Margaret said...

If you email SANQ they will refund your money -- at least they said they did for me. I'm waiting for the check to to show up. I like that color of the Escape! Gorgeous!

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh I am one who has to roam to find my car, it is state trooper maroon, ( I thought easy to see) Not.
Love the fabrics, I am like you I seem to not buy when I should, I seem to miss out on some great deals.
Love the cabinet finish, wow so pretty, I am trying to talk my husband into using an old Singer Sewing machine and make a bathroom sink holder for the half bath, hmmm we will see, I hope he gives in.


Kurt Schindler said...

We love our Subaru Forester. Lots of room in the front as well as the backseat, good trunk size and fairly good gas mileage. Ours is white because we live in Southern CA so I had to memorize our license number so I could make sure I was getting in the right car!!!

LOVE your kitchen cabinets.


Judy said...

What beautiful colors, Marly--cabinets and car.

Diane P. said...

I'm disappointed, too, to learn that SANQ is discontinuing. I just subscribed for 2 years, but hadn't sent in a check yet. I can't quite understand it because I see a vital community out there interested in American samplers. I'm teaching American literature and using them in my classes! BTW, have to recommend a Prius. I was forced into the new car search last fall when a 16-year-old on a cell phone ran a red light and totaled my parked Civic. (I had unloaded groceries and left it 5 minutes before.) Anyway, I compared cargo space with other cars because I'm (I'll say it) a scavenger and need immediate available space for things that need a home on Heavy Trash Pick-Up Day. Bingo! Also, can't beat the gas mileage.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your kitchen is lovely. You come up with the best ideas.
Have you decided on a vehicle yet? probably can't return!
Happy Labor Day.
Hugs :)

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love Ford Escape, although I purchased an it too! But a Subaru was always on my want list...hubby won't let me buy one because it's a foreign car (big deal most cars are now made in every part of the world).

I'm sad to hear about Sampler and Antique Needlework...I don't subscribe, but I buy almost every issue from my local needlework shop..It was a great magazine! Love your kitchen!

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