Oct 25, 2015

The vine the stem the pen the putz

How was your weekend?  Gone in a flash?  It will be Christmas before we know it. 

I stitched the vine's flowers around the house and used eyelet in the center instead of Rococo which I think is the same as Queen.  The vine is stem stitch which is very easy to do, even though I forgot and had to look up the video again. 
Since I don't want to keep checking placement on the graph, I outlined it with Frixion.  The pen doesn't take to coarse linen very well but I have a light outline to follow and also marked the flowers' stems which I know I would forget to do.  This will go really fast and then after pressing, Frixion will disappear.  Even if it didn't, I would outline anyway and have the stitches cover it.  Do you?  Or is this another no-no to add to my long list of stitching indiscretions?
Originally I was planning to leave the vine out completely, just because
1. I'm so anxious to get this over with
2.  I'm lazy
3.  I do what I want, even on reproductions
4.  I'm a putz.
Faye is the Carolina Stitcher, I am the Pennsylvania Putz.
At this point, do whatever the hell I have to in order to finish this wonderful sampler.  On all points, I'm approaching 65, stuck in two decades of menopause, crabby, a reckless stitcher, and do whatever the hell I want anyway. 
I guess that crustacean still has its claws in me.  And I'm allergic to shellfish.
Hope your week, this final week of October, starts well and ends even better.
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