Nov 12, 2015

Next up?

Greetings folks.  I thought this Santa might be a good choice for another skinny sack.  This one would be 3" wide and about 8" tall, and since I like the sparse look, something holding a single greenery sprig is appealing.  The patriotic aspect is a plus. Not sure if this will be the next project yet, but it would be a simple chart to follow.  Since I have no shop to check out overdyed floss colors on my linen choice, I will use two similar shades of DMC for a little shading.  Too many times an order is nothing near what I expected, and I run out of the color in those limited skeins.
Of course I changed it.  I know making copies is forbidden but it's for my use of the design I purchased, to allow me to see better, to make changes, to color without defacing the chart.   I moved up the arms and flag, lengthened the flag and robe.  Cut and paste. (Original on the right.)
My husband is outside planting garlic right now, sure hope we get a decent crop next year because there's nothing like fresh garlic.  Well...chocolate, but we can't grow that. 
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.
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