Dec 14, 2015

A few boxes Tuesday at 8pm

PRINTING!!  And I found a few unused older labels in an envelope.  Another trip to the store, no boxes.  I have ordered before online but I don't like to do that with paper mache.  So many boxes have areas where there is no glue and the paper is loose which means I have to cut it out, get more kraft paper, and re-line them.  Not easy to do in a small box.  The dozens of ovals that I ordered were perfect the first time, now they are flimsy and I am putting the extra time and card stock expense to line them for strength.  Some boxes are black inside, some are the newer ones and have the dark kraft lining I added.  Except for the dark blue with Eliz (top right) the others are rubber banded until I decide which it will be.  The little pink house is Anna Eliza Abe that I deliberately stitched uneven for an older look.  I think it may be too rough but we'll see.  There may also be a slight increase in prices since I got hammered on shipping last sale.  I include shipping to make it easy but even first class lightweights were over $3 plus the box cost, never mind priority prices for several.  There will only be a dozen or less.  Tuesday night at 8pm - unless I forget.

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