Dec 13, 2015

Happy dance

Two posts in a short time!  But I'm so excited I have to tell you.  You won't believe it.  My old printer is working!  I plugged it in and gave it one last shot and it's working.  I can't believe it.  We worked on it for days, tried it for days afterward, and nothing.  No black ink at all. 
Just to show you how bad the print was on the HP 6830 Office jet, take a look at the top compared to the 6520 on the bottom.  This is why I couldn't use older labels or anything that was already in the computer.  I don't know if anyone is interested but I may have a few boxes this week.  They will all be the tall oval since no others are available.  Making a trip to Hobby Lobby this week but they usually only have one of each size since they separate sets.  It's almost 70 degrees, we went for a walk at 10pm last night - heaven!  Still warm today. 
So that's what I wanted to share.  And one more thing.
Don't forget to decorate your fridge.
Have a great day!!
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