Dec 10, 2015

All done

I hear many of you having the same issue this year - lacking a desire to decorate as much as we used to.  How come?  Several reasons for me.  Partly because of preferring the simple style, partly because of the hassle and work, but I have sadness about current events too.  I don't want to mention details but there have been so many horrific infant deaths at the hands of boyfriends, mothers, and fathers.  I want to stay off the computer because I cannot handle these disgusting headlines and the pain and suffering these helpless babies endured.  I am totally shocked at these hideous acts.  Sometimes I just can't let go of thoughts and it seems every day there is another incident.
On a brighter note, Carole is finally improving.  Not enough to go to market or shop for gifts by a long shot so I am still busy with her errands.  When getting her groceries today, I threw a little hissy fit in the parking lot.  I had gifts, returns, her food, my food, water jugs, the back seat was filled so several bags were on the floor in the front.  Mark was driving and as he dropped me off, the bags at my feet caught my shoes and spilled out of the car.  I kind of tumbled out but didn't fall. Traffic was waiting, items were rolling, receipts blowing away, and I just grabbed the items and THREW them back into the car.  The anger increased as most items hit the seat and came back out.   I need a car with more room and am looking for someone to assume my lease.
I decorated another tree at Mark's request.  I like just lights but he thought it should have ornaments so I did the rusty bells and stars, baskets, and a few Santas.  Now I'm finished.
Made the pierogi filling and the little balls are chilling in the fridge.  Tomorrow I'll make the dough, fill, and boil them, ready for the freezer.  We have three different dough recipes but I prefer the one with sour cream.  It pinches easily and stays shut.  Silky smooth and stretchy dough.
The weather is beautiful and I worked outside this afternoon.  Hope it stays for a few days.
Hope your week is going great.
Thanks for visiting.


Faye said...

Your holiday decorating is so inspirational~~~ a feast for the eyes!!

C M Designs said...

I'm so glad that Carole is feeling better. Can feel your anguish with the shopping and catastrophe in your car.
I wish my house was as calming and beautiful as what you have done. I love your tree. I love mine, too, with my PS Santas. All thanks to you for inspiring me to start cross stitching again. Am looking forward to the new year and stitching again.
Enjoy the weather that has been bestowed upon us. Very foggy here for some reason, but bearable temps.
Take care.......thinking of you.
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

I would love your pierogi recipe, Marly.
They sound delish !!
Your Christmas tree is simply lovely.
I'm sure Carole appreciates having you near.

Debbye said...

Hi, Marly,
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful boxes I received from you. They are really gorgeous. Thanks very much!
Debbye in Kentucky

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I am thankful I got my decor up right after Thanksgiving because I don't think I'd be in the spirit now either. And I truly get what you mean about the headlines and horrific things happening to pour little souls, never mind so many acts of terror. They stick with me too and at some point we need to know when to protect our own psyche from it, especially when we are caring for a sick loved one and need to stay strong for them. What decorating you have done is lovely and any time we get glimpses at your beautiful home, it is a treat! Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated! Warm hugs, Linda

Vickie said...

You did a great job on decorating the tree for Mark.
It is supposed to reach 60º here today!!! Unheard of!

Primitive Stars said...

Loving that tree Marly, it's beautiful!!!!! Blessings Francine.

gracie said...

Even though you had an off day (to say the least) I think you accomplished so much. The tree is lovely and good to read that Carol is feeling better. As for the news, I block many opf the stories as I do not want to read them.

debbie haggard said...

Love your decorating. Wish i could get down to such beautiful simplicity.... maybe 'someday'. be safe! you dont need to be laid up at this point. have a lovely day!

village folk art said...

I always felt that making pierogis was a tedious task. Do you have an easier recipe? I have my Grandmothers and she kneaded the dough for some time. We have always had potatoes and cheese filled ones. Mother would saute them in butter and add slice onions. MMmmm making me hungry.
I like that you added Santas to Marc's tree...Very nice.
Of course pleased that Sis is doing better.
Will be getting pictures of Sandy next to her tree tonight...I hope!
Enjoy the weather, we are praying for rain tomorrow.


Robin in Virginia said...

First, I love the tree you decorated for Mark and shared with us. I am still trying to find my motivation to put up what little Christmas decorations that we have. Glad to hear that your sister is feeling better. Yum, pierogies!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Christmas stresses me out. Decorating, Trees, lights, cards, food, gift-buying, good grief!

Heritage Hall said...

Amazing one, the tree is simply beautiful and so are you for your care of Carole
and your ability to snap back after challenges and mishaps...replete with your signature glib humor...hope you can switch your lease.... reeeelax...

Barb said...

Glad to hear your sister is doing better. I do know what you mean. I am doing less because of my back and I really like the more lean primitive look. I can cut nice greens in my back yard so why not make that the focal point. Sorry you had such a frustrating shopping trip! My DH dumped my skinny peppermint mocha today- he was risking his life! I had to remind myself that accidents happen. That came only after many very deep sighs!

Karen said...

I feel your frustration! I am interested in your perogies. My grandfather's family was from Bohemia. I have some letters written by his family during the Civil War. One of my fellow nurses tried to translate but she wasn't real clear on it since the languages have changed. What is perogies and what do you fill yours with? Do you have a favorite recipe for them. You mentioned sour cream. Who doesn't love sour cream!

A.Girlstoys said...

What a tree! Sooo beautiful! I already know I will come back to see it again :)

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