Dec 8, 2015

Still putting up

and then taking down.  Just about finished returning a few trees and ornament boxes to the attic.  The pierogis have to be made this week!  Stuffed cabbage can wait a little while.  Mark has been washing walls, baseboards, windows, and giving everything a good cleaning.   I did that twice a year but since mom passed, I haven't.  I keep saying that since we are redecorating and painting, we should just wait.  He said he's tired of waiting years for me to find a willing contractor or decide on a paint color.  He doesn't understand why it takes years to pick out a beige. 
My latest thing is adding the hand forged hooks of various size to my interior doors.  I can hang my stitchery, drieds, wreaths, gourds, baskets, and because of the hook rather than a nail, the item won't fall off when I slam the door.  Why haven't I done this sooner?  So I brought out the hook assortment and installed them, love it.  I like the longer one that the folded greenery spray is on.  But the shorter ones are nice too.  Even if nothing is hanging, the black hook looks nice with my black iron knobs, but I have plenty of hanging smalls and sampler sacks to display.
One of two 3' sturdy branched trees that can take heavy ornaments.  One was Patti's and as I was thinking about that little tree that we bought (and we got the last ones), her husband showed up in my driveway.  He pulled the little tree from the car and asked if I wanted it.  YES!!!  She loved that tree and preferred the crooked trunk one to my straight one. These and the same tree in 4' were hidden in a clearance section and we were thrilled to find them.  The bottom branches need repositioned.  I think it fell over when Mark was cleaning.
Sprigs make me happy. 

 I just typed "have a great weekend" and then Curse of Oak Island came on the tv and I realized it was only Tuesday.  I need gutchies that have the day on them to help me out.  Do they make them in big girl white cotton old lady panties?
Have a great mid -week!
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Margaret said...

I'm behind on blog reading so I'm commenting for this and the last post. I hope Carole is doing better. I don't blame you for worrying about her pacemaker, but I'm sure it'll be fine. I have a hard time decorating for Christmas these days -- just can't get myself enthused about it. My theory is that time goes by so fast these days that it doesn't seem worth the effort. lol! Who knows. Maybe my menopause is making me feel that way. Love your decorations. Cleaning? What's that? :D

Rugs and Pugs said...

Do they make any size day of the week gutchies???
Love the idea of the hook on the door.
Can you send hubby here once he is done cleaning at your house?
I just love your style. Thanks for sharing with us.
Hugs :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Maybe you could dye days onto your whitey gutchies??? Haaaa
Loce the trees!

Barb said...

Those hooks are a great idea! I love your decorations so far. I still think you could be in The Primitive Place magazine and from me that one great compliment!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Marly Girl...I miss the dickens out of you. I am hopelessly lost and behind in every way possible and can't begin to know how to catch up. I know I've missed so much...but a very quick scroll told me you and your insightful soul and impeccable taste are still beating strong. Love ya GF.... Hugs & Smiles ~ Robin (PS...what are "gutchies"???)

Truus said...

Love the way you decorate your home. The hooks on your door is beautyful and I wish I could hang them on my doors too but I have glass in my doors.
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Here at my house, we call them "dribbies". "Silky ones for me".

You have a gem for a husband. My Swiffer gets a workout every once in a while.

I love your black sure do have wonderful décor to hang from them. Your tree with the heavy ornaments is precious. I know you miss Patty and all the fun you "gals" had together. I love your style of decorating.. NEXT year there will be more simplicity in this house.

Hoping that Carole is feeling much better.
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

The black hooks are great !
What a wonderful husband you have to clean the house so thoroughly- he's a keeper !

Vickie said...

Seeing your doors makes me long for Greendale once again. We had the same doors and iron knobs. I truly hope we move back to Greendale and live in an "Original" again.
I had those day of the week undies as a girl. ;)

Earlene L. said...

I love watching that show!!!! Last night was a nail biter wasn't it?
I make stuffed cabbages but I cheat GFS. They are really good for store bought!
***Merry Christmas****

Cheryl Reeves said...

I seem to want less out every year. I cant go up the ladder to attic in garage so my hubbs brings it all down..not good since theres so many memories in those boxes.
thank you for sharing your inviting home...and good luck with that perfect biege color.

Carol said...

A husband who loves to clean?! Can you send him down I-79 to help me out, Marly? Right now, my poor house looks like a tornado went through with all of the Christmas decoration boxes in various states of emptiness! Really love that sweet stitching with the little sprig--simple and lovely...

CathieJ said...

I'm having trouble keeping the days of the week in my head too. Troublesome for me as I have a different job on Monday and Wednesday than the rest of the week. I don't want to go to the wrong place as they are a half hour away from each other. My hubby has been great about cleaning our house too. It is dusted and vacuumed. He even has set out some of the decorations. I love those hooks and that adorable tree.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Marly, love the greens tucked here and there too, great little pillow tuck, love!!!! My sweetie is the cook so I do the cleaning, great deal I think.Hugs Francine.

Sandra said...

Absolutely love everything!

Maggee said...

As expected, you have shared a part of your decorating finesse, and I love it! Next time I get out to the antique store, I am looking for hooks... what a great idea!!

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