Dec 22, 2015

Just a few things, published before I was done typing

Hi hi hi.  How's it going?  Personally, I can't wait until the Pajamagram commercials stop.  But at least they don't bring tears.  Christmas is always an emotional time from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Songs, touching ads, holiday stories, St. Jude videos, ASPCA ads, everything smears my mascara these days. 
I seriously doubt this, but has anyone anywhere at anytime stitched my Christmas freebie?  Not the pear, this one.  I was considering starting this but with a simple border.  Then again, maybe not.
Once again, Bud got his clock cleaned.  Yellow Cat again.  I have caught him eating in the garage while Bud sat and watched him, and did not chase after him when I scared it away.  I thought all was good.  There is blood, urine, fur clumps, and three cautious cats in the garage.  I couldn't trust another encounter since Bud just recovered from an infection of a prior bite, so the brats are in for a while.  Missy is wild as usual and Nit will go back out in a flash.   My head is pounding and I really don't want to start allergy meds.  I have no idea what to do about that stray.  We also have another solid black chasing after Missy (or Midge depending on my mood) so it must be hot to trot time.  I was ill informed and thought spaying/neutering would change that.  They can't create offspring but the urge to is still with them. Something tells me my sister's strays will be producing.
I moved my floss box when trying to organize that little parlor, and took a good look at it.  I did a pretty good job of aging it.
I wish we would have made it a little smaller, but I have so many skeins of the same colors that they take up most of the box.  I used cranberry under black since I wanted that color and dark olive in the new upholstery but have since changed that to pumpkin and olive.  Weird huh?  My husband said not to worry, I will change it several times before I actually decide on a fabric.
Came across my R&R Reproduction stash.  Maybe one of the these designs will be the next project since they are some of my favorites and many are easy and smaller.
We ran into Mark's friend and found out that he was a victim of attempted armed robbery in Youngstown when leaving a popular restaurant.  Amazingly, he and his wife are alive because of a jammed gun.  Gun control?  Really?  When the people using them for no good and obtaining them illegally are not locked up?  Here's the details from the paper.
"He is accused of trying to rob a couple in the parking lot of a West Rayen Avenue restaurant Friday evening. Reports at first said one of the victims thought that Favors was using a pellet gun during the robbery, and he and his wife refused to give the man anything. However, City Prosecutor Dana Lantz told the judge that the gun was real. She said after the couple refused his demands, Favors pointed the gun at them and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. He then racked the chamber of the gun to try to get a round so he could fire. The couple were not injured, and Favors ran away. He was identified by restaurant employees, and Lantz said there also is video available of the robbery attempt. Lantz said Favors’ record dates back to 1973 and shows arrests for such offenses as breaking and entering, felonious assault, assault, burglary, intimidation and retaliation. She rattled off 22 convictions just in Ohio and added that he has warrants from Pennsylvania and Texas as well."
But of course he was on the streets and we're releasing even more.  And you don't see an attempted murder charge.  Why not?  He pulled the freaking trigger to shoot them but since it jammed, well, that doesn't count.  Mandatory sentence for using a gun?  Nope.
Pierogis are made, cole slaw chopped, Cwikla tomorrow, smelts ready for frying.  Fresh warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream instead of cookies since we will have so many the next day.  I am trying Au Bon Pain's macaroon copycat recipe.  I ate so many while wandering the Clinic and I know everyone will like them.
Went to Catan's and got the only 2 sets of square and 2 sets of rounds (5" & 6") that came in, haven't opened them yet.  Hopefully they will be OK inside and I can do a few more boxes.  Thinking of offering one design a month instead of a batch of choices which makes me confused.  Confused.  Believe me.  I am surprised I didn't receive a complaint that someone's order was wrong.  I'd like to try covering with fabric too.
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for visiting.


Trudy Locke said...

I haven't done the freebie yet, but I think I will! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I know just what you mean about the commercials! Poor wee kitties! Mean old Yeller!

Mary said...

Sorry about the Brats...there is always an Alpha male in the neighborhood. I have one, Otto my 4yr old who does not let anyone in a six house block! He is still in the fighting or chasing off stage. Eventually he will just develop the look stage and they will be off. Otto is lucky to be alive , someone a friend of a friend, found him abandoned in a laundry room. we had to bottle fed so I guess he is letting the world know I am still here! We had a feral cat for years in the neighborhood "Louie" . You know one ear, shorten tail from fighting, but he developed the look and other cats just walked away. Except for my female "Aggie" who would sit beside on my neighbor's from porch for hours. I thought it was nice he had a friend, He went missing a few year ago I miss him. Luckily no one in the neighborhood fed him but he was here for at least 12 + years.

Chris said...

So sorry hat the cats are having trouble, so glad that they have you.
The weather is playing havoc with allergies, headaches, etc... supposed to be in the 70's here the next few days...ugh. I hope that it gets cold and stays cold, maybe the both of us will feel better!
So scary about the robbery. It could have been so much worse!
Sounds like the feast is almost ready. Love those foods, pure comfort.
I am looking forward to seeing your next project!

Jacqueline said...

You always have some excitement going on. Miracle you don't have an ulcer.

I like your freebie and will add it to my tdl. That list just keeps growing. I plan on living to the age of two hundred so I can get it all done.

Merry Christmas.

C. M. Designs said...

I want to add your "freebie" to my stash of cross stitching to do in 2016. Thank you ! I told my daughter the other day that I would like to just sit and read magazines and cross stitch until June gets here.. The emotions of Christmas and loved ones who are not longer with us, the decorating, the thinking about being another year older in Jan., the cookie baking, the visiting with old friends and sharing memories is wonderful but it takes a lot of energy.
It makes me unhappy when I hear that Bud has collided with that yellow cat again. I sure wish something could be done so that you wouldn't have that problem.
God must have been watching out for your friends. Thank goodness they weren't harmed or worse yet, killed. The police should get the "perp" for attempted murder.
Your meal sounds wonderful. Enjoy ! I hope Carole is feeling better and has had no more "paranormal activity"..
Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year.
Charlotte in Va.

Earlene L. said...

OMG very scary situation with your friends, traumatized!!!!!
Sounds like your Christmas will be delicious!!! YUM!
***************Merry Christmas Marly*****************

Barb said...

Glad your friends are fine, very scary stuff! I am so with you on the adds. I have my DH (control controller)mute those animal adds. And neither of us know of any person who got a car for Christmas!!!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm happy to hear your friends are okay but traumatized for sure. They want to take our guns away. Would the thugs and criminals give them up? HELL NO!
Merry, merry Christmas.
Hugs :)

Marjorie Downey said...

I've never seen your freebie before and love it. Thank you!

I feel your sinus pain. I am allergic to wheat, but have been baking cookies for gifts so I have been eating quite a few. I wheeze and sneeze and sniffle, but it doesn't stop me.

capecodgirl565 said...

Between emboldened thugs running around causing havoc unchecked, and the ever present threat of terrorism, not to mention wide open borders and "refugees" flooding in, yeah, it is a great time to disarm American citizens! Glad your friends were alright, God was definitely watching over them. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy those pierogies!

bluetit said...

i wish you a merry Christmas
thanks for the little sampler
kisses from burgundy
stay yourself!

Barbara said...

Thank you for the Christmas pattern. May your Christmas be filled with love and laughter. Love your blog! Barbara

Joy said...

No time for my own stitching or finishing, but thank you for the freebie. Merry Christmas!

Vickie said...

What a blessing the gun jammed!

Carol said...

One thing for sure, Marly--your life is never boring! I so hope the kitties will be okay and that your allergies don't act up too, too much. Mark's friend was so lucky--gosh, you just never know what lies around the corner, do you.

Love that floss box--you did a great job of aging it.

If I don't "talk" to you before Christmas, Marly, I hope you have a lovely day--enjoy those pierogies!! And I hope Carole is feeling better each day...

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