Dec 20, 2015

The pony draw

Holy schmoly.  I guess you guys liked the box!  Thank you everyone for participating.  Makes me feel good that so many of you would like a little piece of my work.  I started entering the names early because of the number of comments, plus the email entries.  I want to let everyone know (some of you I replied to, others are no-reply) that whenever I offer an item, it is open to everyone everywhere.  All the international entries were included, and please don't feel you shouldn't enter because of where you live.  Yes, it's costly to ship but if I don't specify that the offer is for US only, please enter if you would like. 

Now before I tell you who Random chose, I have to tell you this.  My sister has been having things moved in her house.  Little things.  She wakes up to items across the room from where they were, last night a large cardboard box of Christmas lights fell off a table for no reason.  Her cats are all gone except for the outside hoard of strays, no one else is there.  My friend who feels she is psychic, said that the departed souls start to warn you when your time to reunite with them is near.  Holy crap.  How scary is that?  Of course I didn't tell Carole that and maybe it's a chimney squirrel reeking havoc at night.  But I doubt it would be able to remove a little pillow from a hook and place it elsewhere.  I'll keep you posted.
And thanks for the skinny jeans approval.  I must admit that the curvy fit is better, but that is a misnomer for me.  I don't have curves.  I have bulges.
And the winner of the pony box is....Dogwood Farm.  I will email her shortly.  I guess the ponies are staying in Pennsylvania.  I really thought they would be taking a long trip, maybe overseas, but as usual I am wrong.  Just like with the boxes.  I always make too many of my favorite, and it is never the one you like.
Have a good week everyone and thank you again so much. 

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