Jan 4, 2016

My Mosey guys

Greetings folks.  How's the year starting for you?  How do you feel when the decorating is removed and the house seems bare?   Is it worse to get it all out or put it all away?  For me, putting it away.  I can never remember what goes where and when I think it's right, the lid won't close.  So it's wrong.  During this time, I munch.  Every time I am in the midst of decisions, dilemmas, or disorder, I grab for something.  Years ago it was a cigarette.  There were two Pringles cans in my sight and my arthritis is either growing my knuckles or my hands are becoming like my butt.  One half of the chips are gone and you either dive in for a grab or risk breaking that perfect chip by sliding them out.  Does anyone else get their hand stuck in the Pringles' can?
I showed you this Mosey 'n Me design (#57) before and it makes me smile every time I see it.  But once put away, I forget about checking for this linen band.  Stitched by my SIL, she often hemmed edges and hung her seasonal designs on dowels with hemp cord hangers.  This one is an 8" wide band of linen, really neat fabric for this type of finish.  Looks 28, maybe 30, from many years ago.  I've checked for this and haven't found it yet, but did see unbleached linen band with decorative edges which I don't want.  Also, the ticking stripe edges which I thought would be good for Santas if the red thread is close. 
The other Mosey (Starlight Ride) she stitched for me is so cute, but I really wish the blue linen was a very dark gray blue.  It's really nice looking but I'm not a blue lover.  I think the metallic threads would really stand out and the entire design would pop.  Pop.  Ginger ale or 7-up?  I just can't stop shoveling into my face.
Some of you asked about the brats.  We haven't decided on a heating system for the garage and as soon as the weather went into the 40's, they sat at my window until I gave in. 
Except Nitzy.  He's a rebel.  But he does come in when he's hungry and usually after dark.  I can't leave their food in the garage because of the new stray and also Yellow Cat.  And yes, that is white crap which will be gone by Thursday when it will be in the low 40's and Mark will be golfing.  They golf until their balls freeze.  Golf balls that is.
Thank you for your suggestions on the future Santa sale.  I thought the prices were a little low but I see finished pieces on EBay that don't sell.  I will probably take your advice and add maybe a dollar, no more than two, and the seller is OK with that.  From the number of email requests I received, I think I will sell individually so everyone has a chance.  He doesn't have a Paypal account so it may be by check only or I have to use mine and add another 50¢ for the fees.  I will let everyone know days ahead of the sale.  Thanks again for the feedback.
That's all!  Back to working on Sally.  What a difference the dark border is making.  I stitched the entire bottom wrong and had to remove it all.  Big surprise.

Take care, thanks for visiting.


Cathy B said...

Ginger ale. I'm not a big fan of Pringles; in my case it would be chocolate. Have a great week.

CathieJ said...

A few years ago I couldn't fit all of my decorations in the boxes I had even though they had all fit in the previous year. I took them all out of the boxes, rearranged them and then put a large index card in each box with a detailed list of contents. I always know where everything goes now and putting away is much less stressful. Also, since my boxes are clear, I can see the index card through the box which also helps when decorating. I get to easily choose what box I feel like opening. I used to love Pringles, but my they don't call to me any more. I would rather tea and cookies.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Since I didn't decorate this year I don't have any helpful hints but I think I'm going to steal Cathie J's because it's genius!

As a girl only my Granny served Pringles and how I loved visiting her at lunchtime. She also served real orange juice not orange drink like I had at home along with Corn Pops cereal for breakfast. I think I need a pb&j sandwich with Pringles and orange juice for lunch tomorrow but only if I can find someone to cut the crusts off for me. LOL!

I love the santas and look forward to the sale. Someone put a lot of lovely stitching time in and the finishing looks amazing.

Silvana said...

che dire semplicemente deliziosi
ciao silvana

C. M. Designs said...

I love the getting out and doing all of the decorating, but don't like the taking down and putting away. I really like the idea that CathieJ has shared. I still have two trees to "undecorated" and other things to put away. If Pringles would give me the energy to do that, I'd buy a truckload. My daughter used to "play like" they were fingernails. I've started buying animal crackers and goldfish to snack on here.......oh, and Skinny Pop.....popcorn in a bag.
I'm glad your kitties are in where it's warm.......wish Nitzy would do the same.
Can't wait to get started with my stitching......I ordered your Merry Christmas banner from Amazon.........will be here soon.
Have a great week......I wish we had gotten some of your snow here in Va.

Chris said...

So glad that the brats are warm!
Putting stuff away stinks. This cold weather makes us hibernate...aka eat everything in sight...just a theory...I need to stop buying 75% marked down chocolate..sigh...

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, so happy the kitties are warm, you are an angel....Christmas put away for another year here but I do miss my pretty tree...Blessings Francine.

Maureen said...

I'd have to say there are things about both tasks that I enjoy and hate.Once it's all put away I like having things back to normal. My "problem" (wish they all were this small) is remembering where I tucked away my regular stuff when the seasonal decorating took over spaces back in Sept.
Do any of you do any decorating for Valentine's? There's such lull once Christmas is over and New Year has begun.

Theresa Laboda said...

Glad the kitties are warm. Maybe if nitzy peeked in the window and saw how cozy the other kitties were he would come in too. It's pretzels for me. I even got one of those big hot ones at target the other day.

Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Marly
I dislike bringing my every day decor back up from the basement and trying to find where it went originally - before Christmas....never seem to get it put where it was - maybe that's a good thing - switch it up.
Oh your kitties are so sweet looking all curled up in a warm home. I'm missing my two, they made me feel happy. Guess it's time to get another one.
Blessings and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sherry said...

Love your Mosey guys! I don't do alot of decorating anymore. I miss it but I just can't handle it by myself anymore and no one around here is enthused enough to help! Lazy guys! Have a happy new year.

debbie haggard said...

i hate getting it all out -- until its finished, then i love it. then i hate putting it all away again -- until its finished, then its a relief. every year i swear i'm not going to do 'so much',,, and of course, i always end up doing the same. cause i love it once its all up. of course! LOL :-)

diamondc said...

Marly: I love reading your post's you always make me smile and laugh outloud, I live on a golf course(number 2 fairway stupid us), I see golfers out even with a little snow on the ground, they love the game.
love your Mosey and Me, Frank Bielic is a great designer, so whimsical.
I hate putting Christmas away, I love looking at all the decorations.
I am not sure on prices of stitching it is a hard one to decide on prices, good luck.


Heritage Hall said...

Marly dear ~ We all agree you are the Guardian Angel
of cats and wilderness creatures.... I, like most, say I
will not go overboard next Christmas and then it happens.
Once set up, Christmas is wondrous; once taken down, the world
dims a bit. Reneging on my promise, I came home with two
post holiday wreaths 1/2 price.. could not resist..less ado
next year? Of course.... A suggestion for Valentine's day
is to only do one tablescape befitting romance, a bow to
the season. No bins required. By the way, Pringles are
potatoes, which are a nightshade plant which are discouraged
for those with arthritis or spreading buns.... but the situations
you described cry out for such indulgence... don't the Doves do?
Cannot wait for your ornament offering.... Blessings in the
New Year to all.....

Rugs and Pugs said...

I think the decorations go down more quickly than they go up, but they never go back in the box the same and I have to remember where I stored all the regular stuff. Sometimes it is lost for months...lol.
Hugs :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh definitely...de-decorating is MUCH worse than decorating! And, yes, I have the same "method" suggested... A little card (mine is a large post-it) with the contents of each box inside.... but...theory is always better than practice. Things just don't fit the same way (kinda like my jeans)....or, I think I have everything in the box, only to find a stray candy cane bundle or tree, and I'm in there for hours trying to find THAT box that it goes in. And then there's always the dilemma of what to do with the "new" stuff. What?! You don't ever ADD to your stash? Pshaw...I am not buying it. Anywho...pass the Pringles...and got any Chardonnay? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - love the spoiled brats...and Nitzy too...)

Frances N said...

You are right--taking down decorations is much worse than getting them out!!
I love the Mosey n Me stitches! Too cute!
Your kitties look very happy inside!! Sorry the other one wants to stay out!
Pringles are fabulous!!!

Maggee said...

Taking down the Christmas decorations is harder... miss them! Still putting them away today! But at the same time, I decorate for all seasons... so I'm putting out 'Winter' stuff like snowmen!! And a little bit of Valentines. Love the Mosey & Me pieces! Hugs!

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