Jan 2, 2016


Selling as sets or individually?  Beautifully stitched and finished, almost all on sage or khaki Aida.  Some have the same Aida backing, many are fine corduroy. Not sure how to price them - would you help me with the price I have listed?  Good deal or too much?  Shipping not included.

 18 Aida  - $5 each or $35 set?
Seriously considering these for myself.

 Cream Jobelan  $5 each?

I'm buying this one.

18 Aida - $25 for the set?
Jobelan with ultrasuede (?) $4 each?

 18 Aida - $4 each?

Jobelan set $5?

14 white Aida set for $5?
  18 Aida $3 each?
Linen? and 14 count Aida $3?
Be honest!!
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