Jan 1, 2016

One year ago today

with my nephew being home from the hospital for only two days, Carole was rushed in New Year's morning.  Five days later she was transferred to Cleveland and the diagnosis, which should have been apparent, was finally known.  Hard to believe that all the surgeries, emergencies, admissions, and months of feeling helpless was not this past year, but 2014.  Of course the first several months of 2015 were bad but we had answers and knew what to expect.  Seems like yesterday, but it wasn't.
Today we did a little visiting and I just made a batch of peanut butter cookies.  Why?  Didn't we have enough sweets?  My goodness.  Chris asked on her Facebook post what we are stitching for 2016.  I replied, my pant seams!  Tomorrow we'll be making a triple batch of stuffed cabbage for everyone.

I mentioned before that the Frixion pen works well for me on linen.  Not only will the iron make the ink disappear, so will the attached eraser.  Looking back to the chart for placement every two stitches causes many of my errors so I once again used the pen to mark the outline of the stem and satin stitches.  So much easier for me.  Making it even easier would be my hoop but since it's hiding, I'll work on the border until it surfaces.   A visit to Mary Corbet's site to find the stem stitch video was necessary, even though it's very easy to do.  Just couldn't remember how!  I'm hoping this slump is almost over because I ordered several pieces of linen, 18th Century Rook in 35 and Tumbleweed in 32.  I have too much linen I am not using.  A few pieces of Jobelan too. 
I received a large box of stitched Santas that I was asked to sell.  Mostly Schooler, many on Aida.  Beautifully finished too.  I'm going to go through them in a little while and will probably buy several myself.  I will show you what's left next time and maybe you could offer some suggestions. 
Until then, enjoy the weekend!  Start counting the days until spring!
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