Jan 17, 2016


Hello hello.  Just a reminder about the sale at 7 this evening. 
Haven't chosen a new project after looking through many charts.  I would like to finish Mary Kitpin but the border and a little over one stitching seems like a mountain climb that I've not trained for.  I need as simple as can be, straight lines and alphabet or my slump will slip further.  Now that I've mentioned a mountain climb it reminded me of what we learned at the echocardiogram.  My sister had a very nice technician for many years who did not administer the test last week but we saw him in the unit. She told the new tech how nice the man was and how she enjoyed speaking with him.  He told her that this man's wife has been ill for the last 30 years and just this past August, they lost their son in a climbing accident in Utah.  He was only 40 and fell 1800 feet to his death when training for a Mount Rainier climb.  Tragedies happen to good people every day and we never know who will be the next victim.
We're having a blizzard right now so I'm crabbed out.  The deer don't seem to mind.
And the brat pack, one of which put holes in my sweatshirt yesterday, are snoozing.  We had another upsetting incident.  The cats were in the house, and the yellow and gray (tight collar) must have been in the garage looking for ours.  There is blood and fur everywhere and especially in a corner where items were knocked over.  I don't know what to do about this and didn't even hear the fight. 
 Dinner is ready - Steeler's half time. 
Enjoy your evening.


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, love the picture of the deer in the snow, hope you are cozy warm. Not to sure about those sweet kitty's, cats are so mean when fighting.... Hugs Francine.

gracie said...

Oh my, cat fights can be nasty. The deer in the snow is a perfect winter snapshot.

Diane P. said...

Love the deer in the snow. What's for dinner?

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the deer in the snow picture! We had deer feeding in the front yard this AM, but no blizzard. Do you have an animal warden you could contact about the 2 cats that are intent on destroying the brats?

Mary A said...

It's an unneutered male to be sure. Trap him. It's all you can do. My hubby neutered our neighbors cat for my birthday. The down side is that after the neutering, he moved in permanently with us! But he was a wonderful cat for 18 years!

Barb said...

the deer do look pretty in the snow. I know what you mean. any over one these days is discouraging to me.

cucki said...

Wow love the deer in the snow picture..so cute
My sweet fur babies are sleeping so happily ..kisses x

Truus said...

Love the picture of the deer in the snow--perhaps for a Christmas cart? ?
Cann't you ask your vet for a solution for the ones in your garage?
How is Carole doing now? Greetings, Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Marly, I like to read various blogs (I always read yours daily) and it seems like a lot of folks are going through losses and tragedies. My Dad used to say "you never know what's going to happen in the next five minutes".
I hope Carole's test turned out okay...with good news.
I know the nasty cat situation has to keep you upset. If your county people won't come to help, you could get a trap from maybe a hardware store, put a can of tuna, some sardines or even a can of cat food in it, then take it and the culprit to an animal shelter. You certainly don't need the constant anxiety.
The deer being in your yard is so calming......they are beautiful.
Thinking of you.
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

The deer picture is lovely.
I think since the brat pack is in, try trapping the cats.

Angie said...

Marly, I'm in the same boat. It was quiet for a while but now I have another stray that is causing problems with my spayed/neutered three outside cats (two females, one male). The 'stray' is a very friendly orange cat. I'm assuming someone left him behind. Tried to find him a home after we had him neutered...no luck so far. He is very territorial and constantly picks fights with my outside male. My outside male is very sweet and friendly. I have never seen him fight. He tries to get away from it all as far as he can. Sometimes can't even get to the food dish because of orange cat:( If I take orange cat to the shelter he will not come out alive. It's a kill shelter and the euthanasia rate is very high.
Love your deer!

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