Jan 16, 2016

Slump shopping

Greetings all.  Another weekend, January is flying by.  Spring items are already coming in to the craft store.  For the first time ever, we have a large flock of robins.  I was seeing one or two in the yard when we had the warm December, but the other day my crab apple tree was loaded with them.  No worms to be found, very cold temps, I don't know why they are still here.

I ordered just a few items last week even though I am still somewhat slumpy.  No charts and no desire for new charts.  But I can't pass up my favorite linen and thread color.  Uniform blue from GAST and these skeins are perfect, gray blue, no purple.  Two pieces of Rook, not as dark as my original but very nice, coarse feel just like I prefer.  Nothing like that unusual piece I gave away.  Also got a piece of Abecedarian which isn't in the photo, because after being in the house for a few hours, it's lost misplaced.  Decided to do 35 count since I am loaded with 28 and 30.  And my first mini pom pom trim!  They are SWEET.

I checked Facebook today and what do I see?  A video of a dog lying in the street after being run over and another dog covering his body and not leaving him.  Not one fricking car or bike stopped.  There are a lot of cute photos and videos to click but I always seem to open the link at the wrong time.

I had several emails about hanging samplers without frames.  Originally I used horsehair braid to insert into the top hem and it's fine for small light pieces.  But after finding this much stronger flexible boning, I feel it's the better choice for larger projects.  It prevents the linen from stretching and sagging from it's own weight when tacked to a wall.  Many photos of old needlework pinned on the corners, sagging in the center, appeal to me.  But.  What if I decide to frame later on?  Not sure if that stretched linen would go back to shape, even if washed.

Finishing the edges of an unframed sampler is easy with a Dritz sewing gauge or my vintage Gajit.  Just set the gauge and line it up with the stitching, folding under the edge while finger pressing followed by the iron.  Coarse linen presses so crisp I didn't need to run a line of stitching for a hem.  I never fold it too close to the design's edge making sure the pressed edge wouldn't show if ever mounted for framing. 
I left the mantel and wall bare after Christmas décor was removed and thought it was the perfect place right now for Sally.  I saw these large black plates somewhere and loved the look, bought four, now I don't want them.  That's me.
If you plan on buying any Santas Sunday, please state in your email request if you are using Paypal or check since the price is different.
Enjoy your weekend, stay safe, eat cake.
Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted to have found your blog! I have rediscovered cross stitch after raising 5 kids. I just do small ornament-sized pieces on Aida. Too lazy to do big pieces; too cowardly to try linen.

Barb said...

Thanks for the info on how you hang the samplers. Sally look great on the mantle!

Jen Mayo said...

Love your sampler and the way you have it displayed! I know what you mean a facebook. I have been taking a little break from it and take a look today and a picture of a dead abused cat. I unfriended that person and someone else earlier in the week for another dog abuse picture. I didn't need to see that to know that there are nasty people in the world. I like the blogging world. So much prettier!! Take care, Jen

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Oh it tares me up to see or hear about the poor helpless animals. I must be weird cause I feel more empathy for them than most people. They are usually at our mercy and need our help. I really like those mini pom poms. Am wanting to see how you use them. Sally really turned out great. I do not do FB, even though I visit others on very rare occasions. PREFER Blogging.

Enjoy the day with lots of Peace,

gracie said...

I really like the no frame hanging idea. Thank you for sharing.

Diane P. said...

Sally looks fantastic. I never think of hanging needlework unframed, but I love the way this looks! I wonder if your method could be used for hanging small quilted pieces, too.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Love the way you have finished Sally. I know what you mean about heavy linen sagging when you pin it to the wall. I have that happening to a piece, but i'm not too upset about it where it is. Inspired by your method I might just try lacing my next one onto corrugated, brown cardboard before hanging it (or propping it up somewhere).

C. M. Designs said...

It makes me ill and want to cry when I see pictures of abused (or worse) animals on Facebook. I'm thinking about the kitty with the flea collar that you mentioned.
Sally and your arrangement looks so elegant. You should be so very proud of yourself.
I only use Aida 14 to do my Santas or anything else I feel confident enough to do. I really enjoyed my tree this past Christmas "donning" all of the PS Santas that I did over the past two years. I don't know how you see to do the tiny stitches on the larger number linen......I even have a big magnifier that sits on the floor. I guess it's my age and my old eyes.
Enjoy your Sunday. We may have snow flurries in our neck of the woods. Big deal !
Charlotte in Va.

Sherry said...

Love all your new goodies. The sampler looks lovely above the mantle.

Dogwood Farm said...

A perfect place for your beautiful sampler!!

Margaret said...

Sally looks gorgeous there! Love it!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I just LOVE Sally in her new place of honor and those black plates look AWESOME!!! You always do such beautiful work and I treasure my heart from you!!! Also love all your new pieces and that sweet pom pom trim!
Enjoy your Sunday!
Warm Hugs~

Maggee said...

I have one of those sewing gauges... haven't used it in YEARS! Thanks for the tip! Re: FB... I am very selective about who I follow... works for me! I am not so enamored about FB choice of ads tho it is nothing I can control. Sigh...

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