Feb 2, 2016

A first!

Hello people!  For the first time ever, boxes are left after an evening sale.  From the comments when I first showed the red box, I thought it would be a hit.  Not so.  I even made two extra thinking they would go quickly.  Wrong again!   In case you forgot and wanted one, there are four of the eight left. 

Edited 11 am - sold out!  Thank you!
To Debra that requested the George w/flag box and is no-reply, I am still holding it for you.  Please contact me by email if you want it.  If I don't hear from you today, I will assume you don't.
In the high 40's today, 50's tomorrow with possible thunderstorm.  YAY!!!
Hope your day is a good one.


Penny said...

A day late and a dollar short, I guess! Somehow I missed the sale....i woul'd've been a happy purchaser! Glad you sold out, however....your sampler boxes are wonderful!

diamondc said...

I am so sorry I missed your sale, and then to see all sold out today.
I will look forward to your next sale and hopefully I will be around to buy one.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Crap....Why do I always forget these things?? :o( Robin

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