Mar 20, 2016


 Sale - originally I said to leave comments with email addresses but some of you can't, so instead, click (or top right column link) to send me your purchase request with item#.  Bunheads are through Paypal or check, charts will be through online gift certificate and I will send info when I ask for your mailing address and confirm sale.
Buns measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", all with the same dark blue print backing.  The bottom edge is glued, not hand sewn shut.  The set is $14 including shipping (US).
 Usually I just donate small charts and cards like these but thought I would show you first in case there is one you have wanted.  Samplers and a few other charts will be on EBay in the future.  All include US shipping and payment will be made to 123Stitch as a gift certificate.
1.  Prairie Schooler Amish Life  $4 SOLD
2.  Prairie Schooler Mary had a Little Lamb  $4
First item is $1 and the second is 50¢ for any of these four designs
3.  Bent Creek Pumpkin Patch   
4.  Heart in Hand Wee Santa 2002  SOLD 
5.  Cedar Hill Shaker Cat (the chart's winner never claimed it in the giveaway)  GONE
6.  Sigrid Designs Santa Mouse   

7.  Scattered Seed Queen Esther   $5 SOLD
8.  La-D-Da littles A Bird in Hand  $1  SOLD
9.  Cedar Hill Country (quilt designs)  $1 or 50¢ with another  SOLD
10. Niky's Primitive Christmas  $2  SOLD

11. Tina Woltman Jingle Bird  $2  SOLD
12. Cedar Hill Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep  $1 or 50¢ with another

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