Mar 19, 2016


that everything happens for a reason and I couldn't wait to show you.  What a difference using the black based print and lighter poms makes in Patty's gift.  Love it!!  So glad the lighter fabric was flawed.
But when we are frogging half of a sampler over and over and over, I don't see the reason for that.  I thought that process would teach me patience but instead, I learned several different ways to bend a needle. 
This is Scorched Linen mini poms from the Dame. The other black print fabric that I thought was a warm brown, turned out to be a grayish taupe in daylight and I didn't like it.  I am only using light fleece for the padding and think I can handle sewing the poms on by hand.  Her 65th is the first week in April and I can mail next week. 
The sale starts tomorrow and I want to say a few things.  No, I do not think I have such valuable in-demand items that I need to announce a "sale date".  I just want to give everyone a chance to see the items and I try to choose an accommodating time, to be fair.  Yes, I know I sometimes sell too cheaply, but I'm cheap which makes it harder to ask for higher prices.  I fail to account for postage many times, thinking it's still 19¢.  I chose a gift certificate (easily ordered online in $1 increments) from 123Stitch instead of the 35¢ Paypal fee + 49¢ postage leaving me 18¢.  So I get a couple bucks to spend on things I will never stitch and you get a chart for cheap.  Hope there's something you can use.
We went to JCP today looking for shoes for my great nephew's kids and husband found a fabulous winter jacket for $6.97 after discounts.  He loves it.  It's a great time to buy coats for really cheap that can be donated to homeless shelters and kids' programs.
Yesterday, my husband got a hankering for tuna casserole that we haven't had in years.  We came from shopping and started throwing it together, anxiously awaiting its removal from the oven.  Well, it was lousy.  Didn't taste like tuna casserole at all.  Probably because we forgot to add the tuna.

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