Mar 5, 2016

Silk & fuzz

Greetings everyone.  The lion is not going very well; tiny tiny tent stitches are not something I do well.  While digging through the piles in the stash room, I came across some threads I will never use.  I thought I gave everything away a few years ago but some are still hanging around.  KitKin needs to go.  I think they were in my SIL's box, she made all the Homespun Elegance Cinnamon Stick standing Santas and this may have been needed.  Color is Y4 tan.  
The other is a few skeins of Soie D'Alger, colors 2115, 2532, 2915, 3723, 4633, 4646.  The labels are off two.  The green may have been used but the other was not.  Also included is a Madeira pack of white silk.
In exchange and for postage (USA), I would like gift certificates for 123Stitch, easy to purchase online.
For the six KitKin packs, $3.00 - GONE
For the batch of silks, $6.00
Email me if you are interested.
We finally gave up looking for anyone that is qualified and/or willing to install the kitchen exhaust, so this is what we've been busy with for a few days.
Down came some drywall, I ordered a Broan powerpack 390 which is for custom hoods (or installed in the overhead 12" deep cabinet).  Mark put an outlet for the fan in the cabinet, cut the cabinet for installation, and when the missing needed part comes in, we'll install the fan in the cabinet, install the 6" round vent pipe to the outside, install the exterior vent cap.  Then patch the drywall, add the shelf, finish the wall, and pout because it is not the mantel looking surround with plate shelf that I had planned.  Who cares at this point.  As long as the mechanics are installed, we can change the look later. The lack of anyone wanting to learn a trade (and be serious about their work), has taken the wind out of remodeling excitement and plans.  I'm not sure if that disappointment caused the entire sleeve of Ritz crackers to be spread with cream cheese and elderberry jelly, but they were sure good.
Enjoy your Sunday.
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