Mar 7, 2016

A warm week ahead

I've had a headache and runny nose since I sheltered you from winter.  Time to get in your outdoor condo and garage. 
This is blurry, but an everyday sight.  I thought cats cleaned themselves???  And the gray collared male along with Yellow Cat are still out there howling every night and getting into fights.  I honestly believed that spaying and neutering stopped this behavior and attraction but it doesn't.  She can't have more kittens which is a blessing but the other side continues.
My sister's report from her year after surgery echocardiogram was not as good as it should have been, and won't get any better.  Such a blow after all she has been through.   The doctor said that the Torsades, pacemaker, the AV node ablation, and then replacement all took place within 6 months time which didn't allow the heart enough time to reprogram itself after each event.  So once again, when I am ready to blow my stack at her irresponsibility after I foot so many expenses, I am calmed down by the reality of her situation. 
 So I made her a little case for her new phone.  She had a flip and went to a smartphone which was a huge mistake.  She keeps her phone in her bra in case she needs to call for help and this new one isn't working. 
The case has a Velcro strap that holds the phone in, or flips to the back into the little pocket to stay open and loop on to something.  She's talked about the 24/7 monitor that is worn around the neck so that will be the next bill after we get her dentures. 
And the damn left button on the touchpad of the newer Dell has now lost its spring so it's useless. Dammit.  If I can't use the laptop, I may as well try stitching.  Slump continues, longer than I expected.
Have a good week!
Thanks for visiting.
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