Mar 7, 2016

A warm week ahead

I've had a headache and runny nose since I sheltered you from winter.  Time to get in your outdoor condo and garage. 
This is blurry, but an everyday sight.  I thought cats cleaned themselves???  And the gray collared male along with Yellow Cat are still out there howling every night and getting into fights.  I honestly believed that spaying and neutering stopped this behavior and attraction but it doesn't.  She can't have more kittens which is a blessing but the other side continues.
My sister's report from her year after surgery echocardiogram was not as good as it should have been, and won't get any better.  Such a blow after all she has been through.   The doctor said that the Torsades, pacemaker, the AV node ablation, and then replacement all took place within 6 months time which didn't allow the heart enough time to reprogram itself after each event.  So once again, when I am ready to blow my stack at her irresponsibility after I foot so many expenses, I am calmed down by the reality of her situation. 
 So I made her a little case for her new phone.  She had a flip and went to a smartphone which was a huge mistake.  She keeps her phone in her bra in case she needs to call for help and this new one isn't working. 
The case has a Velcro strap that holds the phone in, or flips to the back into the little pocket to stay open and loop on to something.  She's talked about the 24/7 monitor that is worn around the neck so that will be the next bill after we get her dentures. 
And the damn left button on the touchpad of the newer Dell has now lost its spring so it's useless. Dammit.  If I can't use the laptop, I may as well try stitching.  Slump continues, longer than I expected.
Have a good week!
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Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, glad the days are warmer, here too, yay!!! Love the little case, great idea.Blessings Francine.

Glenna said...

I really like the clever case. You should sell them! I understand the yin and yang of the exasperation/financial concern balanced with the seriousness of her illness. Would one of those electronic medical alert pendant things be better than a cell phone?

Jacqueline said...

Sorry to hear about Carol, but the little case you made her is cute as can be.

Stay calm, keep stitching, push the cats out.

diamondc said...

Marly: I swear you are the kindest sister anyone could have, what a blessing for Carol.
I do hope things get better for her and you.
You are like me I blow-up and then rethink the situation, it is a balmy 63 degrees here in Annandale Minnesota wozzer I love it.


Glenda said...

You are the most generous person I know. From what I have read keeping your phone in your bra is not healthy. I do love that phone case. We are having sunny warm days in Georgia. I hope you have a blessed week.

Nancy watkins said...

Is it ok to have the phone that close to her pacemaker? I don't know but I wonder. I love reading your posts!

CalamityJr said...

I'm sorry to hear Carol's diagnosis, but know that she's blessed to have you as her sister. The phone pocket is perfect! Hang in there, Marly.

capecodgirl565 said...

Oh Marly, sounds like you really have your hands full! Prayers being sent for both your sister and for you as well. In the meantime, keep the chocolate train running, I know it has magical powers that can make any situation better! Good luck and God's blessings.

Vickie said...

Let us hope the cats are enticed to move on out with the sunshine!
No, it is not good for Carole's health to have the phone in her bra. Your pocket is great!

Earlene L. said...

Warmer weather is so welcoming right now!!!
Sorry to here about your sister, my sister is terminally ill now and it is very very hard.
Enjoy the warm weather!!!! I am!

Krissy B. said...

Marly, big strong cyber hugs to you!! Who is taking care of YOU?? I hope you have positive forces that we don't know about. If I lived closer I would be there for you even though I know I'd be laughing, I mean with you most of the time but all the while hugging and sharing your chocolate of course like a good friend would. You are an angel too so many. I pray you have angels close by to take care of you. Sorry about your sister (I have 4 so understand some of the pain). The pocket is cute and I'm sure she will love it. Spring is around the corner. Hang in there. Krissy B.

C. M. Designs said...

You are and have been Carole's guardian angel. Don't know what she'd do without you. Bless your heart !
I sure wish those two other cats would leave the area. Hate to think about Missy and Bud being back out there with them.
I'm stitching Lori's "Rabbit Folk" right now. It's a lot of fun and cute. Hope to have it finished by Easter.
I took my vehicle in for an emissions test yesterday (Mon.) and wound up having to have two big expenditures to have to pay for before it can be inspected in Nov. ....Will have to do one at a time. If it's not one thing, it's something else.
We're going to have nice weather for most of this week. I hope it reaches Pa. too.
Easter is coming and Easter means chocolate. I love the pecan covered nougat eggs. Bought one yesterday. YUM !

Audrey said...

I don't know how old your sister is but in NYS we were able to get one of those life button necklaces (I can't remember what you call them)for my Mom thru the Office of the Aging for no cost. They asked for a 'donation' but she didn't send them anything as she was on Social Security as her only income. She figured she had paid into the system for so long it was the least she could get. It may be available for low income people too. Good luck with it - my Mom always wanted to get rid of it but we told her it was for us, not for her. At the end she did need to use it to summon help when she fell and broke her hip.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Carole's report. You and Carole are in our prayers. Your sister is blessed to have you and Mark. Take care. As always, thank you for sharing, SAH

Maggee said...

So sorry to hear that Carole won't get any better. I am not sure that she should wear the phone in her bra, for the reasons already mentioned! My husband went from a flip to a cheap smartphone because he was so terribly envious, but it is a mistake too, cause he is not tech savvy. Sigh... Hang in there, spring is coming to stay a while, and things will brighten a bit for you! Hugs!

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