Mar 8, 2016

Where there's a will, there's a wool

Greetings to all on this warm sunny day in PA.  Hope you're doing well.
Working on this lion wallet has not been fun to say the least.  My impatience makes me think I can skip over everything to learn and just do it.  No I can't.
 I received another package from Ann, this one containing glorious wool that she uses for her spectacular wallets.  I can see why.  What a difference in the look when replicating an early piece. 
Here's my pitiful attempt, single strand wool in the insert compared to double DMC.  Hard to see difference on the screen but it's huge.  It's embarrassing to show my wonky tents but this morning I walked into one of those concrete poles in Walmart while browsing office supplies, so how much worse can this photo be?  No one was around so it was certainly not as bad as the JCP mannequin incident.  We don't speak of that one.
This blue piece on 30 count is tent over one with four cross stitches beneath.  You all know I have a tension problem and when I yanked on the needle, I broke the wool thread.  Yes they all break easily if you yank hard enough unless they are a blend. 
It's a little too thick for the full cross I think and I'm anxious to get my new chart from Merry Wind Farm which I believe is done in wool.  Lillian Davidson.  I spotted the over one stitching on this right away but love it, so it's the latest stash addition.  Even though I really don't feel like stitching.
I want to thank you for the heads up on the cell phone/bra issue.  I had forgotten about the list of things to steer clear of (including some GPS units) that we studied over a year ago.  Although Carole said that the new phone doesn't fit in her bra like her old flip phone, she was once again embellishing to make a point because she didn't like the new one. When I called to question her after your comments, she claimed she never said that.  That is very typical of her.  As an example, when I checked Verizon policies and told her that she could exchange the new phone for another, she started yelling about signing a contract and there is a $100 charge for restocking.  No, there is a $35 charge to return a product within 14 days.  To exchange, there is no charge.  Go do it and get the damn flip phone.  Phone calls telling me I am wrong continued throughout the day.  So I printed out their policy and had her take it to the Verizon store, where they were as nice as could be, and exchanged the smartassphone for a flipthisphone.  She made up the $100 charge, the contract for that phone, and a few other things just so she wouldn't have to go back there and to prove she knows more.  She does this quite often.  Her cell phone is carried in her right pants pocket, not her bra as before, and she uses her right side when talking.  Glad she remembers this since she is totally dependent on that pacemaker. And I thank you again for bringing it to my attention.  It just occurred to me that her breast cancer was on the same side as where she kept the phone for years.  Coincidence I guess.
Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy your day.


Barb said...

When my grandson saw my cell phone he said, "Grandma, this phone isn't good for anything but talking." That's what I know about cell phones. I do love that sampler but I think I will just stitch it with good old regular floss. The wool is beautiful, but I'm not up for stitching challenges.

Theresa said...

My Mom walked into one of those concrete poles when Hudson's was still around. She had a huge bump and bruise on her forehead, so she pulled her hair down over it and went back to work. Love the sampler. Never did one with wool. I have a cell phone just for calling talking and texting too. Don't need all the rest.

Margaret said...

I worry about cell phones and what they will do to us in future -- brain cancer? Some other problem? Sigh. I love that sampler by Merry Wind Farm too. Darn it, why did you remind me? I'm trying to resist!

Solstitches said...

When I saw the picture of what I thought was yarn in the thumbnail of my blog reading list I thought oh my goodness she's taken up knitting LOL.
I've never worked a tapestry or done a cross stitch with wool. Will enjoy watching your progress.

Penny said...

Somehow the sampler from Merry Wind Farm escaped my notice. Beautiful sampler and of course, it will have to come live with me. If you and I ever get out of our slumps we will certainly have a great sampler to stitch. :) I recently inherited my son's old phone that does have internet and it has come in handy at times. I sometimes think there is bound to be some consequence to cell phone usage.

Maggee said...

Your sister sounds like MY husband!! We tussle like that ALL the time!! Many times, I just give up... it would be like walking into your concrete pole!! I am getting very selective with the projects I will stitch now... Keeping it simple, for sure! Hugs!

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