Apr 17, 2016

After the malarkey

Well that was embarrassing.  Watermelon head or not, that was certainly a menomoment, worthy of being added to the list of  "what the hell was that?".  It's the end of it, that's what it is.  I will find my method that works or continue avoiding those projects.  Amen.
Being productive with a needle has not been happening but will today now that the floss colors are chosen.  I did get the boxes done for May and this prototype for June.  The remaining sales will be this 4x6 tall oval until my supply is gone.  Can't get this size any longer and the others are always low stock, some have peeling/bubbling paper.

My cousin in MN sent me a photo of her and her sister (the one with FT dementia in a facility) and it was so very upsetting.  This vibrant world traveler only 3 years older than I am.  Her once shining eyes are empty, her strong frame diminished to a slump, her beautiful face I could no longer recognize, her intelligent speech now unintelligible.  I wasn't expecting such a rapid and drastic deterioration.
Enjoy your day.
For 30 minutes, be alone in silence, breathe deeply, stretch your body, observe your surroundings, touch everything, embrace your sadness, feel your pain, cry to cleanse, let it go, smile at the sky, be stunned by the vastness, open your heart, and thank God for being able.
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