Apr 18, 2016

Who wants the cap?

UPDATE - to order, please go to this post for information.
Greetings folks.  The cap order (like mine) has come in.  It was a special order for a customer who bought more than expected and there were only a few left, which I bought.  She will order again and would like to know how many of you are interested so she orders enough.  The price is $3.35 for a set of 4 + $3.35 shipping (flat rate regardless of amount purchased), total of $6.70 with US shipping for four caps.  Additional quantities of $3.35 for four.  Two weeks for the order to come in.  Please leave the number of SETS you would like in comments so I can let her know.  You will order from her, not me, when they come in and I will list her link for you.  So if you want 4 caps, request ONE set, if you want 12, request THREE sets.  Please leave what you would like in the comments if you are interested.

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