Apr 14, 2016

Getting closer

How are you?  Good I hope.  We're half way through April already!  Can't believe how fast time goes.
Just wanted to show my dye job for Mary Spinney.  This linen was a brownish natural and marked as 28, but after several dye and dry sessions, it looks like it shrunk to a 30.  Either way, it's a little more substantial than the original and I don't have to remove stitching, just start pulling threads.  They aren't marked with color numbers on the chart since it was a kit, just the color name so I will have to choose pastels according to the description.  I hope once that's done I won't find another excuse to delay the start. 
The linen is an odd green and I'm surprised I matched it.  It's still slightly damp in the photos and will dry a little lighter, but slightly darker than the shiny silky linen from the kit.  Any bets whether I use it or change to the dark blue?
 I was looking at a few tutorials for various sewing bags, and although functional and really pretty, I think I will stick with these for storing kitted projects.  I like being able to see through the portfolio instead of having to remember the contents.  Makes it easier to browse but once pulled and started, I prefer a canvas/fabric bag.
I get the sliding top heavy envelopes and the flap with closure at Staples, the other is from Pat Catan's art department. 
It's large and has an outside clear pocket for the chart and the supplies can be in the zippered part.  I have a bunch of the smaller ones, perfect for small projects and charts.  Wonder if I will get the mojo back to ever stitch them!
I will be recouping at home for a few days and get the photos of Barbara's over one method for a weekend post.
I'll be on an antibiotic for a week after the procedure and it should take care of the cat scratch too.  He'll check it on follow-up.  Thanks for your concern and advice!
Have a wonderful day.
Thanks for visiting.

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