Apr 13, 2016


Found them!  I have been working on a bench for use as a coffee table, that has areas to keep the stitching out of sight yet easy access.  A similar bench was there but a little too high so I moved it to another room.  When I passed it last night on a Missy hunt, I remembered moving charts to it.  Mary and all her friends were safe and sound in addition to others I had forgotten. 
One of those was Mary Spinney from the Examplarery.  She looks like a fun piece to stitch, only 7" wide on 28 and I need to dye a piece of linen for her.  When I purchased her from Ebay, she was already started on the kit's linen by the seller, and the color is great but it's very sheer.  I need to decide if I will start it over on a newly dyed 30 count, or continue on.  Elizabeth Clayton was another catching my eye but I think narrow quick to complete rows are the best choice when not feeling needle love.
This piece is a beautiful dark olive and I could probably use R&R Sea Glass, but I tend to hoard linen that I like.  Rather than use what I have and love, I will waste an afternoon messing around trying to dye another piece.  Why am I saving it when I don't even feel like stitching any more?  The new blues I bought will be hoarded too.  Such a silly girl woman old lady.  Took a customer service survey this morning and checked off the 55-64 bracket.  That 65 birthday is very close, but they won't know so I plan on staying in the 55-64 bracket.  It's like having to go up another size in panties.  Those big big girl panties that have screaming elastic threads breaking and hanging like fringe on a 60's hippie. 
This afternoon I'm having a minor office procedure done.  I'll show him my wrist while I'm there.  No fluid or swelling, just sore and red.
Have a great day people!  Stay safe, eat cake.
Have a piece for me.

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