Apr 8, 2016

One excuse

for not stitching is this.  Budman nailed me.  It's much better, been almost a week.  This is the outside of my right wrist and any wrist movement at all was very painful so I had a good excuse to not stitch.  Now that I can move it some, I need to find another excuse or search for a chart.
Had several emails about berry tops and I have a few more items to show you that can be adapted.  Years ago, my sister made angel pins of all types and styles, I designed the display cards which all had a little verse and name for each angel.  We had lots of jewelry supply catalogs and you can easily find these items online.  The cap I showed last post was new to me and I found that in an online search.  The items we used for wings and backings and such were called filigree findings.  They are stamped from brass or metal, the brass more expensive but the soft metal can be manipulated to a degree.  The cheaper material cannot be bent without breaking.  The brass would also break if bent too much. To give you an idea, these are brass, large, and can be gently shaped to the berry top.  Not all will work, but they are 1 3/4" which is much larger than the largest of the bead caps.  Just make sure there is a little opening in the design to allow for shaping.
Someone said that Faye will also be selling tops, I don't know the size or anything but I'm sure you all follow her and will get an update.  So there are options out there under names that have nothing to do with berry tops.
Have a great weekend!
I'll be getting more snow.  Yippee ki yay.
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