Apr 9, 2016


Snow snow snow.  All day.  Wonder how much we will get by day's end.  Good day for stitching isn't it?  I looked through charts and ended up pulling a few big girls.  Why?  I don't want to stitch and yet I'm considering very large projects.  Ann Spence and Elena Tratman must have been partying together because they are gone.  No where.  I spend more time making a mess than cleaning it up and my frustration got the best of me.  How can I lose two large charts?  Although large, the charts are well done and easy to follow which makes a huge difference to me.  I also pulled Jane Ballard, first the cellophane envelope ripped, then when I pulled the chart out I was disappointed.  I do not like charts printed on a single sheet of paper the size of Rhode Island.  So thick when folded that my magnets won't hold it on the Magma.  I usually make a working copy to color and make notes, Jane will be sixteen in all.  Right now I have Jane Ballard, Sarah Harvey, Mary Elliot, Margaret Logan, and the two party girls in the running which means....... I will end up with a little one.  Depends on the number of flashes but I usually change my mind right before threads are pulled.
Before the printer dies a third time I got May's box finished.  Another dark red, Liberty.  Using small samplers came out so much better than the countless hours of trying to manipulate large ones.  I look back at the first ones years ago and am disappointed that they weren't nicer.  But Now that I am pleased with results, everyone is boxed out!  So this will be the last set of the squares, starting May 1.
I was asked why I keep chocolate in the house since I am addicted.  It's because I have to know I can grab a piece during a chocolate emergency, and also to teach and test my willpower.  I need to learn that I can walk away and stay away from sweets.  I have a real problem, did with cigarettes and moved on to sweets.  Our local paper had an article today that 20% of local babies so far this year were born addicted.  I saw what these innocent babies go through their first months of life and the mothers who can't care for them and it kills me inside.  If you ever watch them wail and shake, you will never forget it.
The treadmill died which we knew was coming.  It would abruptly stop when the breaker blew even after a short distance and slow walk.  Mark took the motor apart and it needs new brushes (which are metal blocks but called brushes) and we will order them somewhere and start it up again.  I hate exercise and especially the noise of the treadmill, but I am so out of shape that it is necessary.  I used to follow Leslie Sansone for 45 minutes while holding weights and now I am lucky if I finish 15 with assistance!
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
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blueladie said...

I LOVE these boxes and the samplers on them. They're gorgeous! :D Cathryn

Vickie said...

We keep getting snow. Glad it melts again too. Good for you Marly. You keep on walking once that treadmill is fixed.

Truus said...

The boxes are wonderfull!
Good luck with the walking.
Here in Holland all day sunshine and doing some work in the garden.
Have a good and peacefull weekend
greetings,Truus from Holland

Penny Shepherd said...

I completely share your chocolate addiction. I just finished 2 of the Big Reese Cups while reading your post. I try not having chocolate at home because it is ALWAYS readily available at work. Sometimes it is bad not having it at home because you literally think you might kill someone if you don't get it. Walk on sister! Hope you can continue your progress. The boxes are beautiful!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Snow in Ohio, too, but I think you win! Driving to Gathered Treasures today (about an hour and a half) I hit a near blizzard but thankfully the roads had been salted. Every since I crashed on ice a few years ago I am paranoid.
I can't have anything good to eat in the house because I have NO willpower.
Hugs :)

deb said...

you could put up with 45 minutes of Leslie Sansone?! Bet you had the sound turned off. ;)

Pam in IL said...

We had blizzard-like snow yesterday, but it didn't stick. I think the snow never hit the ground because the wind was so strong the snow was blowing sideways. Hope you get your treadmill fixed. Mine got fried when our house was struck by lightening a few years ago, but we never replaced it.

Maggee said...

We had so many types of weather yesterday... sunshine, rain, sleet, and high winds all day long! Some people called the sleet snow, but... after seeing what you have... pfffft! The new box is a delight--looks great! I still do my LS dvd's occasionally!

Judy said...

It was 72 degrees here in Colorado yesterday. Everyone thinks we are always buried in snow, not so!! Don't tell anyone, we have enough people moving here. Keep up the good work on the treadmill, I prefer walking outside myself. We walk in all kinds of weather except wind, cannot tolerate the wind. Do you watch TV or listen to music when on the treadmill to make the time go faster? LOVE the box, so pretty.

Mary said...

I have been catching up on reading blogs. I actually like one page patterns no matter the size. Those three over shaded stitch patterns make my head hurt. The large one and all patterns I always copy so I can fold up and highlight the parts I have finished. I live in Rhode Island, I like being a standard of measure!

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