Apr 11, 2016

The sampler verse, wordy men, and poetastic fathers

Dummy me thought they were the words of the stitcher of years ago.  I don't study samplers, history, provenance, styles, and never will.  I just like them.  And I'm lazy.  So when I was reviewing the Rhode Island sized chart of Jane Ballard (and not understanding the flower stitches) I thought... hmmm.  I've stitched this verse before.  Yep.  Mary Oldfield.  Did a little online research to find "tell me ye knowing..." is on the samplers of Rebecca Cullin and her friends in addition to others. Then I found an excerpt from the book American Samplers which is a free read on Google.  Seems I wasn't the only one that thought this....
That last line says it all, and could have with fewer words.  To my dismay.
Based on his letter he was a wordy intelligent man and he was fooled too.  I don't feel as bad now about the sampler verse, but a little simple because I would have just said "hey, the verse is not their own words".  To my dismay.
Barbara sent me a few photos of her over one method which I never heard of, but she said is commonly used and taught in England.  Will be sharing that this week.  Might be something else you all know and no one shared with me.  To my dismay.
Rain rain rain.  To my dismay.

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Maggee said...

To my dismay too... :)

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