Apr 12, 2016


I had to take Carole to an appointment this morning and I got two cats out, but Missy was no where to be found.  She is so bad and silent and she does not stay in the room with the boys.  Could not find her.  Did she sneak out with the others?  Did she not come in for breakfast?  Search the basement.  Search the upstairs.  Running around in a frenzy because now I will be late picking her up.  Hot flash begins and I stop, open the fridge for a cool blast, and as I turn.... I see the little devil.  She must have been looking at those charts on the sofa and hoping to give an opinion in her special ornery way.  My wrist is becoming more inflamed and probably infected so I do not need any more scratches.  Little does she know that those two are no longer in the running.  So there, you dirty pawed little brat.  GET OUT!!!
I have decided to force myself into a project but so far, have been dragging my feet.  Not only is Mary Spence and Elena Tratman still on a binge somewhere, Mary Elliot must have gone with them.   Sarah Harvey and Lillias Davidson are here but I don't have the wool for Lillias yet.  The longer I put this off the harder it will be.  Am I the only one that can actually lose sampler charts that are brand new and kept in one room?  So ridiculous.
Have a great day.  Neosporin and Advil for me.
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