Apr 4, 2016


Hi folks.  Random's number belonged to rosek1870 and I'll be contacting her shortly.  Thanks to all that entered.
No new project chosen, not sure if I will.  I think I'm done, but I will look through the stash and see if there is something that excites me enough to search for linen and thread.
Tomorrow morning I will open the Sampler Box page to sell Hannah.  She printed really nice as did the small sampler I chose for May.  June will be odds and ends and that may be it for boxes too.  Just in a slump about everything right now which could change on a dime.  Damn flashes are back again and they are vengeful.  I've been trying to watch what I eat and have reduced chocolate drastically.  Crabby as hell.  Tried to jump out of the car today and once again forgot to release the seat belt, Bud gave me really nasty scratches on my wrist, another store's cement post incident (this one was covered with mirrors and I thought I ran into someone so apologized to myself in public after walking into it), fell going UP the stairs, treadmill stopped suddenly and snapped my neck, I am back to running chores for my sister, and I need a haircut.  And it snowed.  And that doesn't amount to a gnat's ass because people are suffering heartache and illness.  So shut my piehole with a PIECE OF FRICKING CHOCOLATE!!
Here's the box, just a few, offered tomorrow.
Again, thanks for participating and visiting.

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