May 1, 2016

Slumping along

Greetings.  It's May.  Time to start thinking about flowers and hanging baskets.
When I mentioned last post about not enjoying Mary Spinney, it's not because of Mary.  I just don't want to stitch.  That's why choosing a linen that I loved was important, otherwise, I wouldn't be stitching at all. 
I'm half done with this project and have no idea if another will follow.  The only pieces I really want on the wall are the very large ones, but do I really think I could become involved enough to complete it?  No.  For all these years of menopausal madness, I wonder if the way I feel now is a result, a consequence, or totally unrelated.  But my attitude about many things is changing.  Turning 65 have anything to do with it?  Don't believe so.  I thought the constant waiting for a panicked phone call from sister was over, but a ridiculous commercial started it again.  The one advertising a drug for heart failure, while playing "Tomorrow" in the background and stating that for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given.  What a stupid and totally insensitive thing to say.  It hit me in the pit of my stomach and can't imagine how my sister feels or anyone else with CHF.

When Googling to find the drug company responsible, I came across The Dirty Dozen - 12 worst CEO's for lab animals.  I shouldn't have read it, but I did.  I had no idea how horrific these people are, but when I read about Tier I Group, a military training contractor, I was stunned at the live mutilations.  More stunned that it was allowed.  I know Pfizer and others try to use labs overseas where there are no regulations for humane treatment.  The military training rules regarding animals has been tightened, but it doesn't excuse the past.  Am I foolish to read something so upsetting, or smart to be informed and protest?   The videos are there, but I did not watch them nor will I.  The accounts are horrific enough without viewing the atrocities.
Anyway, boxes are up on the Box page and I will step off my box for now.
Enjoy your day.


Mary said...

Testing on animals is not acceptable! companies that manufacture products overseas because " some countries require animal testing" is just a way around it. I recently happened on a list of companies that STILL test on animals and was appalled, I need to check my house for these products. You get a lit sloppy in checking because you think companies can not still be testing on animals right?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Finally trying to catch up here!
You say you're in a slump, but you get more done in a slump than most people get done p.e.r.i.o.d. Lovely stitching as always.
I won't even read about animal testing. Just too disturbing. Ignorance is bliss???
Happy Sunday.
Hugs :)

Vickie said...

Once upon a time I was a Veterinary Nurse. During college we took a field trip to a "lab". They very much wanted to recruit ANY of us for lab animal science. I did not see any takers. Horrid, horrid place. The chimpanzees bothered me the most.

Heritage Hall said...

The most practical course is to determine the guilty and apprise them of
your intent to never purchase their products again and to mean it. Evidently, going to Washington is of little avail.... Be informed, but
try to stay away from the depression that can result, as you did in not
witnessing the videos. I agree about that ad tuned by Tomorrow... Overkill
with pharmaceutical ads emphasizing illness ...... garbage in, garbage out.

C. M. Designs said...

Thinking of you, Marly and totally understand how you feel about what your sister has been through and the inhumane treatment of animals. You and I are tenderhearted women and anything other than kindness to animals is not in our vocabulary nor do we want to see or even think about.
Try to enjoy your 60s......I feel that I lost my 60s to worrying about the "C" word returning. The 70s come all too fast.
While stitching is fun and rewarding it gives one time to think about other things too.
I will love seeing your new flowers, yard, deer, kitties, swings and hearing about your good times.
I hope this week will bring only happy times.
Charlotte in Va.

Lida said...

You will always have people that behave bad and there is no excuse for them, but that they hurd people and anmimals should be punished all over the world! Wish you and your sister strenght with coping! Hugs from Holland,

~mj~ said...

I have long held the opinion that drug companies are all about the money, not finding new ways to cure illness. Animal testing must be stipped, but damned if I know what can be done other than not buying the products. I know it must be horrific but I can`t read about it or see it. The crying and sleeplessness are not worth being totally informed. Drug companies need to be forced to stop the stupid TV ads. Doctors hate them because people come in demanding drugs that they saw on TV.

I hear you about menopause, my opinions have changed also. I am 55 and going through stress...most days I am lucky not to have a meltdown. It stinks!


Joanie said...

Those who do live mutilations on animals have a special place in hell and aren't human. I can't read anything about animal cruelty and I certainly can't watch it. I even say a prayer for the cows that are on those large transport trucks going to slaughter. I try not to buy anything tested on animals but it's hard, especially if it's not on the product label.
And I agree with MJ, drug companies are in it for the money not the cure.
Love your stitching and I too struggle with wanting to start large project but lack the motivation to finish. I have tried just stitching smalls. I'm not sure if it's a post-menopause lack of focus or just a major slump moving in. Time's gonna tell.

Pam in IL said...

I totally agree with you about that commercial and the testing and cruelty to animals is unacceptable! I hope you can find a way to manage the stress. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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