Jun 2, 2016

And now a word from a walking glue stick

  I'm sure you are tired of seeing every little area of this small design's choices but I don't care.  I need your help, I've used your suggestions, and I'm dragging you down with me.  At least you can click to another page.  It's not that I am disliking this stitch, it's just very different for me.  When I change colors on a sampler the effect is minuscule because letters of different colors are common, sometimes clashing, not noticeable if changed.  But changing an entire design where one wrong color could throw the work off, is more involved.   I don't like involved.  This would be great on dark brown linen, more so than this blue.  Just my opinion.  But I'm told often that I am always right.
For the roof, most dark grays were very close to this blue/gray linen, so black it was.  Too stark, so I switched to one strand of floss and here is the difference.  Left is two, right is one.  Just enough to soften it.  Original design called for 844 on the roof and the bird in black, and since I saw no other color that was acceptable for the bird, I stuck with black using two strands.  Subtle difference from the roof, but it's good.  Fox - 300 or 400?  Brighter or toned?  I'm sure I won't know until those colors are stitched into the piece. 
Stopped in Volant today.  In James Creek, which has changed a bit, I met the new gal named Judy for the first time.  Usually, the owner is present but not today.  Great personality, we talked quite a bit.  Anyway, they have lots of colonial style fabrics that I can order for the upholsterer.  Good to know.  I also stopped to see Wendy two shops down who used to take care of James Creek for many years. 
Found this little wooden container at Cottage House Antiques. 

 Continued on to the outlets in Grove City, got nothing, and then stopped at another Amish greenhouse finding this 6" hanging basket of tiny burgundy with new growth green leaves.  Looks like a sedum but it's not, she said to bring it inside before frost as a houseplant.  Sweet little ball of ......  this.  I got two, on sale for $4 each (can't pass up a bargain) and will give them to Carole.

It was hot and humid, I was flashing all day, and the greenhouse heat sent me into a fast talking frizzy haired Velma Velcro, Emma Elmer, Mary Modge Podge, Patti Paste, sticking to the world like white on rice.  Pink on a pig.  Fat on my ass.  Sauce on my pasta.  Cat hair on chairs.  Did you know that wiping upholstery with a latex glove will pull up most all of the pet hair?  Does anyone remember the commercials for the Playtex Living Glove?  I never understood the Living part.  

But don't touch her with that glove!  All that food, flea relief, cozy bedding, and I still get that look from this pint sized pain in the petunia.
Have a good day.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Eveningstitcher said...

Yep....the roof with the two threads look much better...even though it's a pain...I have several of those little wooden what-ever-you-call-them barrels. I love them!!

Marjorie Downey said...

I vote for one strand on the roof. I always prefer the more primitive look one strand gives. As far as the fox goes, 300 for sure. It's one of my favorite DMC threads, a rusty, primitive shade. Great for Fall stitches!

Anonymous said...

I think one strand of black looks nice. The blue background peaks through which results in the black looking more dark grayish. 300 would make a good looking fox. Those pretty grapes better beware of Mr. Fox!! Your piece looks great! kelley secrest

Robin in Virginia said...

I like 300 for the fox! I like the one strand of black versus the two for the roof. Your project is looking good!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

how about 3021 for the roof/bird? ... 400 says I for the fox.
your menopausal moments of melting have me snickering in my sweaty-seat.
you are a kick in the shins my friend! love you for that!

Truus said...

Your stitchery looks great and I prever 400 for the fox and the roof looks better with the one thread. I myself would have chosen for a very dark brown for the roof.
Love the little barrel and your plant.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Jeannine520 said...

Nope, not tired of seeing all the little areas of choices. I obsessively fuss over color with paint, upholstery, threads and everything else so I totally understand. I hope you can stand one more opinion. ;-) I love the black roof stitched with two strands. I think what you're calling starkness provides that little punch that I like to see with color choices. It will be perfect too if you're planning on a black frame. I also liked the suggestion of 3021 and would do that with two strands if you're planning on a dark wood toned frame. Oh, and I love that blue linen you're using, I think it's perfect. As for the fox I'm leaning towards 400 because I think it stands out from the grapes more than the 300 would. Of course all might change once we see a bit of it stitched but I'd try that one first. You might also want to consider a hand-dyed cotton for the fox if the 300 or 400 doesn't work out. ??

Beautiful kitty and no, I didn't know that a latex glove would remove cat hairs. I have a lot of opportunity to try out that trick as I have kitties putting hair all over my patio furniture.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I vote for one strand for the roof.
Your little wooden container is referred to as "treen". I have many of different shapes and sizes. One of my favorite collections. If you go to my July 23, 2009 blog post, you can see it.

Three Sheep Studio said...

One strand for the roof. I'ld start with 300 for the fox and see if it works.
You have a great sense of humor !

Susan said...

Three hundred looks closer to a real fox to me. One strand of floss on the roof. To me it has more of an aged look. That is my two cents worth. Remember, you did ask.

Margaret said...

I'm enjoying the looks at your sampler and the colors and all. I'm horrible with color (at least I have no confidence with it), so I'll withhold my opinions. Latex gloves? Really? Wow! I need to go find the box of gloves I have left over from DS's surgery back when.

Mary said...

I am liking 300 for the fox, but I have to say something. Either the roof has to change or the bird, both being black I cannot see the bird is a bird. My two cents worth . I will have to try the glove trick on "her" chair in the library. Have great weekend.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I like the roof. I say 300 but if you really can't decide -do one strand of each!?!? Cats just don't appreciate us.

diamondc said...

Marly: Your Sampler is so pretty I am like you and change colors if they do not suit my mind.
The wooden container is so cool, do you know what it was used for? or what it is? verey interesting.
I like the looks of your basket I have never seen this type of plant before, 4.00 dollars I never find deals like that, lucky you.
You seem to make me smile and laugh with your posts, so funny about sweating, I remember my Grandmother used to say ladies do not sweat they glow, yeah tell that to my body when I am dripping wet.
Love the cat photo, I have never heard about the glove trick before, thank-you for sharing with us.


debbie haggard said...

hi marly; i would confuse myself even more by reading everyone's different opinions- ha! but, for the record, and since you asked... i like one strand for the roof, two for the bird, and the 300 for the fox. i also love your plant- quite unique! have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have a small wooden container very similar to this that holds my snippets as I stitch. The birds just love it when I take it out to the back deck each morning to empty and they grab all of the multi colored threads for nesting.

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