May 31, 2016

Moving on

Hello people.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We were talking about family and WWII and after checking online about Mark's uncle, who has an Army Reserve Center bearing his name, we found that he was awarded the second highest honor, the Distinguished Service Cross.  Why didn't we know this?  And where is the medal?  There is no one remaining from Mark's family and we have some paperwork, but no medal.  Needless to say, we are pretty upset, but not surprised at anything that his stepmonsters may have done.
 We've been enjoying very warm and sunny days.  The garden is in, the Enforcer is working, the flowers are in permanent positions.
Still playing with color on the PS project.  Since I love the grape colors, what am I doing?  Well, the project was lying on the bench and as I glanced at it, the grapes were just a blob of color, not defined.  On the light fabric, the grapes are obvious and very defined, but dark on dark doesn't allow that.
So I tried lighter thread, again, which did define the grape clusters a little more.  The darker grapes are somewhat lighter and brighter than shown in this poorly lit photo.  Now I have to decide if I prefer the rich color or the definition.  Moving on to stitch the roof seems logical.  That darkness in the center may make a difference in the look and change the way I see it.  I wonder how many tries before I get that one right.

I rearranged the pantry over the weekend.  We now have, in order,

Friskies Surf 'n Turf
Fancy Feast Filet Mignon
Fancy Feast Chicken & Turkey
Whiskas Meaty Selections
Cat Chow Complete
Meow Mix Seafood
Extra Surf 'n Turf

As for the wet food, which I needed every evening to lure them into the garage, they expect it now.  But they LOVE it only one time and then all the other cans are donated.  The ones they seem to prefer are all chunky with gravy, but they refuse to eat chunks so I finely chop until my arm is numb.  There is a very small food chopper at Walmart that I will purchase just for turning those damn chunks into paté.  With all the cats I know, have interviewed, had for dinner, are living with relatives, none like the bits, chunks, flakes, shreds.  Yet Missy enjoys the non-paté chipmunk head while Nitzy chomps on blue-jay skulls.  Stupid cats.
Have a good one.
Thanks for visiting.
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