Jun 7, 2016


Black painted swings.  Black tuxedo cats. 
Black sampler.

Frances gifted me this sweet sampler, black threads with one other neutral thread in a few places.  Not very big, not complicated, I received it in the mail and looked no further for the next project.  Still nursing a slump and the less color change and counting the better.  Thank you again Frances.  My only change (you know there has to be something that bugs me) may be to a higher linen count.  This is 28 and I love 30, closing in on 32 recently.  I may bundle up my excessive amount of 28 and store it somewhere, and then order small pieces of 30 and 32 because as you know, I can't bring myself to cut a large piece of linen.  My reasoning (if you call it that) is that I have several very large samplers and do not want to cut a piece that would be perfect.  So I plan to kit those large projects and once the linen is set aside, I'm free to run with scissors.  But all these things I say I will do, never get done.  My procrastinating affliction is out of control.  I made a sampler notebook, and in it will post items that need to be taken care of from simple to complex.  Every day, at least one of them must be done or no chocolate.  The notebook is staying on the bench by my sofa so it doesn't get lost.  Wish me luck.
Finishing on the PS project may be just ordinary.  I have a wood box with a recessed flip lid, perfect for a padded top with interior storage but it's just a hair too short for this design.  It looks great as a drum, but I cannot find any fabric that is compatible with this blue and there is not enough linen left since it was my test sample. But I can squeak out enough of it for an envelope back.  I wanted something different and special but I don't think it will be.
Thanks for visiting.
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