Jun 9, 2016

From chunky to paté

Hey all.  How has your week been so far?  Hard to believe half of June will be over soon.  I had the furnace on yesterday and this morning.  So cold the tomato leaves were shivering.  Garden looks good, the Enforcer has been working well to scare away the deer.
I bought this little Rival brand $9 chopper at Walmart for the brats' food.  They walk away from the same old pate flavors and lick the sauce off the chunks and shreds.  My wrist was getting so tired of chopping and I thought this little gadget may do the trick.  It did. 
Doesn't puree like my Ninja (♥!) but it chops fine.  A quick rinse, a drop of dish soap with a little water, a quick whirl, and it's clean.  From chunk to pate in no time.
I came up with a finishing idea for the PS, made a template, left it up to my husband whether it will be heart or lollipop.  He chose the pop and I agree.  I made two other ends, these were my favorites, but it may end up being simple and basic.  Hornbook handles were at the bottom, to be held up and read.  This isn't a sampler with letters mimicking the antiques, so the top is my preference. Holes for threads can be on the bottom, which confuses me.  I see many that are combination hornbook/thread palettes. What are your thoughts?  Upright for hanging?  Thread holes?
The sampler notebook I referred to previously, is a notebook that I attach one of my labels to so it looks nice lying about.  It's not for stitchery, it's for all the unfinished house projects, intentions that I speak of, phone calls I should make, and never do.  I need to rein in the procrastinating and that sounded like a good plan.  No I didn't make the notebook yet.  Not a good start, huh?
Working on the black sampler and will offer it to a reader when I'm finished, paying it forward as it was gifted to me.
Have a great weekend!


Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the notebook explanation! Hope the cat brats appreciate you and their food prep. Enjoy your weekend, Marly!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ew you are a saint. My boy only gets dry food for two reasons....1 he stinks less and 2 he eats a little and tries to cover it - smelks like sh*t haaaa. Your husband could sell different size hornbooks!! No idea about holes or hangers - sorry.

debbie haggard said...

you kill me with the brat food prep! (guess i'm just not much of a cat person- LOL). i vote handle up, no thread holes. enjoy your weekend!

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