Jun 22, 2016

Going overboard

Greetings to you.  Susan chose the brown Fox so the original offer of the blue linen will be coming up. As I mentioned before, for some reason, maybe the rough linen, the floss seemed to get fuzzy in some areas and I'm not happy with the stitching.  But hey. It's free. I saved all the email entries and comments but will have to enter them into Random again.  IE shut down as it always does and then recovered Random's page, but the names weren't saved.  I hope to have them re-entered (minus Susan!) and another winner chosen in the next few days.  No need to enter your name again.
Maybe because it's new to me, but now I want to mount everything on that hornbook thingamabob hickey.  Procrastination worked out well this time because two samplers that were never finished the way I had planned are up next.  I don't want to use 3/4" thick wood for small pieces and we don't have access to 1/2" that is wider than 5 1/4". 
The craft store yielded two pieces that will work nicely.  The one for Martha (which requires at least a 6" wide base) was found hanging in the unfinished wood section as a sign on 3/8" pine.  Perfect.  We'll cut it down to width and have plenty in length for a longer handle. 
The other is Hannah which was to be sewn into a bag.  She is very small and will also be an easy cut from this breadboard. 

Now I will be searching for others that can be adapted to this finish because I always go overboard when I like something.  They don't look good now, but after seeing the foxes, I know they'll be great.  I think a dark red board would be ideal for Martha, but maybe that dark linen on a dark board will not be as nice as I expect. 
I didn't have much trouble with the mitered corners or mounting on the second fox, and did learn that you need a fusible interfacing or some sort of lining for the linen in addition to the cotton fleece.  The flat surface being wrapped around sharp corners is tricky and needs some protection.  If it would be stuffed with batting or fill and raised somewhat, that corner would not be the severe U turn to the back.  Using a cording around the stitchery would alleviate the miter but I like this bare look.
I need to catch up on blogs, haven't had much time but hope to this weekend depending on how much outside work I get done at Carole's.
Can you believe June will be over soon? 
Thanks for visiting.


Vickie said...

It will be fun to see your next finishes now. I am thrilled to be entered in the blue linen drawing. :D Thank you!! And hi there to Bud!

Glenda said...

I love the colors of Martha. Thank you for a second chance I sure do love that fox.!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your petunias look great, Marly! Like Vickie, I am looking forward to your next 'board' finishes. I really like the colors you used on Martha.

Heartland Stitcher said...

I like your new finishing. I tend to go overboard the exact same way. What is it with that? I would not have luck with cutting the wood. But I have bought small wood boxes and other small wood pieces at antique shops or thrift stores and used that. Thanks you so much for the second chance at the fox...the dark one was my favorite! Enjoy today.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Barb said...

I love that horn book finish-go for it! You do such a good job making surfaces look old!

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