Jun 21, 2016

The choice will be made by

Susan Cox.  She was one of 36 email entries added to the comment entries - 

I love reading your blog and hearing about your many "adventures"   it makes my day.  I used to cross stitch in my 20's but now my 60 year old eyes won't allow it.

Please enter me in your drawing.  Thank you!

Susan Cox

Thanks to everyone who entered the 65 year old's giveaway.  65 year old.  I am STILL going to check the age box 55-64 in those damn surveys.  They'll never know.  Depending on which color is chosen, the second Fox may be another giveaway and I would use the same entries.  We'll see.  I enjoyed this design, even though I haven't crawled out of the slump, but once completed I just don't know what to do/where to put these smalls.
If you look closely at the photo of the brown Fox, you'll see one top left leaf has an open space of two stitches and the right one has three spaces.  Saw it too late.  It should be three but since I can't remove, I decided to add.  The John James petite (size 26) needles are short enough to slip beneath and come back up, cannot do it with my regulars and the curved are too heavy. I use one strand and do the cross twice rather than use two threads.  This way, it locks the stitch better.  I leave a long tail beginning and ending and then run it beneath when finished.  So now they match.  It's not the first time I added one or more stitches after the piece was mounted and it won't be the last.
Susan, take a look and let me know which you would like, I will email you soon.
That's it folks.  My sister just called and told me that the new dentures we paid for three months ago, have cracked and split.  Is there anything made today by people who care about doing their job correctly?  Or has mediocre become the norm and striving to do better is not a goal?  Yes I am PO'd.
Thanks again everyone, will let you know what I decide.


Truus said...

Marly you are a young girl at this age! Enjoy life that is more important than your age. I'm almost 70 and my sister in law don't like it to be 70-Lol.
Congrats to Susan for winning
Greetings Truus from Holland

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations to Susan on her win! I am sorry to hear your sister's new dentures have cracked. Hopefully, it doesn't take another 3 months for them to be repaired.

Vickie said...

Good for Susan! Bad for Carole.

CalamityJr said...

Congratulations to Susan. Hope Carole's dental provider treats her (and you) well. I'm also 65 and I see myself so often in your blog. Thanks for putting us into words, tee hee.

Mary said...

Every error makes it unique. Leaves should not match anyway, here I would say a Gypsy caterpillar ate it. They are terrible here in RI, yuk. Sorry about Carole's late t problem, just when you think everything is going smoothly....BAM.

Berit said...

These are both fantastic! Truly, rotten news about your sister's dentures, however.

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