Jun 27, 2016


Before I forget - answers to no-reply.
Maureen, I enlarged the print of the free chart by 150% on the copier.
Debbie, the sampler chart is Lydia Durgin from Elizabeth's Garden.

I didn't think it was unusual for me to lose floss colors.  I have my favorites, use them often, yet they were disappearing.  ?  Tore the little parlor apart looking and ended up with more floss bags scattered than in the floss box.  Blamed it on my complete lack of organization and habit of misplacing items. 
Whenever I let Missy into the house she runs up the stairs.  But for several weeks she has been running into the parlor where I caught her a while ago, sleeping atop my linen and floss bags on the sofa.  But now when I try to get her back out, she is coming from behind it. 
So I took a peek thinking she may have dropped a mouse back there.  No.  It's my floss.  The bags must slide across the floor for fun but even more fun is taking a new skein and destroying it.  I don't always seal the bags properly and somehow she got her dirty little paw inside to pull out the thread.  There's quite a bit more beneath the sofa.  This tells you how often I dust my floors in what Mark calls "the stitching mess".  Little brat.

 I told you years ago that I was going to spray dye this sofa and of course, I haven't yet.  But I did use a light mist of Dawn to remove sizing and then spritzed it with plain water to check absorption.  My other furniture has duct tape on the Waverly fabric which did not hold up at all.  Some pieces are strong synthetic weaves but they also have broken threads.  If you have springs and solid furniture, is it worth it to reupholster or just buy new?  These sofas are very long at 84" and I'm leaning toward buying new and smaller. 
Would you trust a weathered brittle grapevine wreath to hold a large hanging basket?  I think it will be fine, can't break through all of it but I'll keep watching.

Can you hear me whining about June ending?  I am.  Loud and clear.

Have a good week.

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Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Oh my!!! Missy is one naughty kitty!! They are so attracted by string and floss and just can't seem to help themselves, but that doesn't help YOU!!!
The sofa is really large but if you can find some good fabric and it has good "bones" I would think it would be worth it! New furniture is sooo expensive and then again, if you find a sale..........guess you have to weigh both options to see what works!! I'm sure you are already doing that anyway!!!! Best of luck with that!
I know grapevine is really strong so I think you basket is safe!!
Enjoy your week!
Heart Hugs~

Barb said...

What a naughty kitty! Here's what I think about upholstery. I have two chairs that I love and I have had them done 3 times over the years. The last time was not good . It was not the chair's fault,the upholster guy did a very poor job. If you love the piece and can trust a upholster guy, I would go for it. If not, buy new. I wasted a lot of money this time as I bought fairly expensive fabric. Hope this helps a bit.

Krissy B. said...

But if you get a new shorter couch, where will Missy hide all her floss? She sure had some fun didn't she! I always read your posts just before bed so I always go to bed smiling...ok, laughing. Love your posts! Thanks for sharing your world.

C. M. Designs said...

You know how kittens/cat like balls of yarn ? I guess floss is the same to Missy. Little stinker.
Your basket of petunias is beautiful. I hope the wreath doesn't crumble.
If you are a QVC fan.......they are starting Christmas in July on Friday......just saying. LOL
Have a great remainder of the week and a "sparkling" 4th of July.
Charlotte in Va.

Carol said...

We are facing the same question with our sofa and loveseat, Marly (which look a lot like yours!). My husband wants new, I want to reupholster, but I've heard that is almost as much as buying new. It is a good strong Flexsteel frame so I hate to give it up. After 20 years and three growing boys, it has held up so well... Let me know if you hear of a good upholsterer!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

What a bad kitty. I'm sure she enjoyed herself. We are buying new furniture soon - we have had ours for over ten years. My husband likes to say it's more cat than couch. **gross**

Robin in Virginia said...

Your petunias are gorgeous, Marly. Glad you solved the mystery of the disappearing floss! Bad Missy!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Clarice must have given Missy pointers because she used to do the same thing. We repeatedly had conversations about Momma's toys and Clarice's toys but of course she won so she still steals my floss whenever she can. Dogs have owners and Cats have staff....LOL.

I have recovered a couple of things myself that belonged to my granny but never paid to have someone do it. The old saying about them not making things like they used to is so true especially with furniture. We bought a small Pottery Barn sofa on Craig's List and it's so lightweight you can hear the frame/pressboard creak when you sit on it. I did score a solid wood framed Restoration Hardware sofa with down filled cushions at the outlet mall for $300.00! The frame is solid and we know this because we could hear something moving when we lifted the sofa so we tore the bottom fabric off to investigate. Turned out someone dropped their scissors in the frame then the fabric was applied so that was the noise and it was enough of a noise that we got a $3800 sofa for $300. I was one happy little camper that day! I'd ask around to get prices on recovering before I rushed into anything unlike the way I usually go about doing things.

Maureen said...

Thank you Marly for the enlargement tip on that chart. You're a doll. Sorry I'm a no reply person. I don't have a blog any more....guess I should poke around and find out how to link an email addy. You're busy enough without having to search around for the likes of me! ;) Thanks again for answering my question.
PS I am long over due with another big THANK you for your Lestoil for laundry stains tip. I'm on my second bottle of that magical stuff

Maureen said...

Oh my gosh D.M.Q. I love your scissors in the sofa story!

Maggee said...

I had my store-bought sofa reupholstered by a reputable guy, along with an antique chair... about 11 years ago... Still good as new! They did an EXCELLENT job! It cost a pretty penny, but not as much as buying good furniture, New! Even made coordinating pillows that I switch around all the time! Hugs!

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