Jun 26, 2016

Still blue

Greetings pals.  Was the weekend good?  Hope so.  But it's over now and the last week of June is upon us.  Damn.  Damn damn.  Slow down!
I haven't been browsing Pinterest as often as before but while sitting on the swing enjoying a breeze, I did.  Came across this free design from The Nebby Needle back in 2014.  Another small I think I would like to stitch, but where do I put it? 

When I was playing with dye and trying to get a dark gray blue, this piece took the color so far and then quit.  It's not as dark as the Fox fabric and is a long thin cut.  I thought of it as soon as I saw this chart.  That doesn't mean it's a good choice and I won't know until the floss is worked in.   Will I ever get that far?  There are decisions!  America in white, border in red, God Bless in gold?  Three color choices with many options for placement.  Maybe it would look best on light tan.
Speaking of the blue Fox (notice how sometimes it's capitalized and others not - just messing with you), I have not heard from the winner.  Probably busy with weekend fun so we'll give her a few more days.
My decision to follow the chart and not the photo on this sampler was a good one.  I don't mind all black pieces but that 3011 neutral really spares the monotony.  Doesn't this look good with it in the dividing bands instead of all black?
  This chart will be passed on to someone interested as soon as I am finished.
That's it folks.  Getting dark out here with hungry mosquitoes.
Thanks for visiting.


Barb said...

I really like the neutrals with the black. Plus I also love that blue fabric. Maybe it's the computer but it does look a nice gray blue to me.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lovin' your sampler and you are making great progress.
Sundays come much too quickly and how can July be upon us?
Hugs :)

Robin in Virginia said...

I really like the look of your sampler with the black and neutral floss. From my end, your fabric looks more gray than blue; it is a lovely color. Haven't seen that freebie, so off I go and look. Hope you weren't a feast for the mosquitos.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I agree about the black and neutral!! So rich looking!!! See, you DO make great decisions!!!! I also love the blue/gray linen and also think your color choices would look wonderful!!! You really do have a great color sense, so just go with it!!!! It will be fabulous!!!
Mosquitoes used to love me, too!!! The feeling was NOT mutual!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~

Janet said...

That was a great floss choice...the sampler is lovely.

Janet said...

That was a great floss choice...the sampler is lovely.

Truus said...

Do love the sampler with the two colors.
Never have I dyed fabric even not with tea -will give it a try some day.
Enjoy your stitches
Greetings Truus from Holland

KimM said...

Oh dear.....just spent an hour cruising through Pinterest. Thank you for steering me to the Nebby Needle.

Vickie said...

I have that freebie printed off and waiting in a pile somewhere.
Hey, I suppose that is one good thing about not being outside. NO mosquito bites yet this year.

Margaret said...

I do think that lighter color for the dividing lines thrown in is nice. Looking good!

Mary said...

I once did an all same color alphabet sampler, it just looks boring! The few letters in a different color look great. I hope to live long enough to finish all my freebies and purchased patterns, hahaha. Just bought two more!

debbie haggard said...

Hi Marly, I love the new sampler you are working on. The upper case alphabet is really distinctive and so pretty. Could you give us the official name of this pattern and its designer? I would like to look for it. And yes, the neutral and black look awesome together!

Maureen said...

Marly, how did you get a good clear copy of the nebby needle God Bless AMerica pattern? I've tried multiple times but my ol eyes would enjoy an easier to read copy if possible.

Maggee said...

I like this sampler with the two varying colors... much more interesting. Your rendition is going to be great! Hugs!

Carol said...

I stitched that cute freebie on black and it turned out great, Marly. (If you want to see it: http://stitchingdream.blogspot.com/2014/06/red-white-and-blue.html). The colors I used are brighter than those you would choose, I'm sure, but it might give you an idea...

Loving your sampler progress!

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