Jun 16, 2016

My crow is on its way

Hello folks.  I'm sure many of you follow Misi of Gable House Goods.  Love her style of decorating and her home photos. 
In one of the outdoor shots, I saw a metal crow with a bucket.  Since then, I have searched high and low to no avail.  Recently, Pine Cone Gift Shop's post featured their arrival.  Since my neck condition has me paranoid about long car rides, I didn't want to take the 100 minute drive.  But then, I found a source!  P Allen Smith has them and I used a coupon code for 25% off and my bird is on its way!  If any of you have been searching for this yard stake, go here and use code thanks25 for your discount.  The site has two crow fountains that are also very nice, but I do not need the sound of trickling water while having a cup of coffee on my swing.  I can barely make it inside fast enough as it is.
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