Jun 15, 2016

Wish me luck

I said I would not mention current events.  That doesn't mean they are not breaking my heart.  The local child abuse, many resulting in deaths, puts me into a zone that can bring me down for days.  The babies left to suffer and die in cars, is inexplicable to me, and this latest unintended tragedy at Disney has me entering that zone again.
Hornbook assembly.  I have the board ready with a section left unsealed where the project will be attached.  Still don't know if it will be handle up or down, but I've decided to add a hole for a nail head that will not go all the way through.  Only visible from the back.
I took Linda's advice and got a thin piece of basswood which is what my locals carry, 1/16" thick.  It's covered by the batting but I sealed it with acrylic anyway.  Acid free or regular mat board will work too.
I'm using only one layer of thin cotton batting which makes the finish this thick, including the basswood.
Next, I will tape the linen in place while centering.  Then I will lace it, which I hate and have never done properly.  The fabric glue may suddenly appear and save me from myself.  But should I trust that it won't prevent the stretched linen from loosening?  You know by now that fabric glue is my buddy and I don't care what happens to my stitchery 100 years from now.
When that is completed and trimmed, I will use the E6000 on the basswood part of the mounting which will be most of the center.  Melinda suggested Tacky glue and I know many of you like that product, will give it a try on the linen edges.  I don't have the time to wait for the mounting tape that Michelle and Truus mentioned, but will add it to my next stitching order.
Thank you all for your help!
 I want it done as nicely as menopossible since this is a giveaway.
So wish me luck!  If I would have assembled this BEFORE I decided to offer it, it would have been much easier on me.
As for the flag chart I offered two years ago, I took the little bag apart long ago and just made a knob hanger.  It's so stinkin' cute.
Enjoy your day.


Mary said...

Marly, I know the shootings ,the poor family of the toddler in FL, the child abuse, the senseless animal cruelty, it seems to never stop. So I go upstairs listen to old time mysteries on the computer and cross stitch. Both side of my brain occupied I can push these awful happenings away for a while.

Truus said...

When I hear bad news on the radio or tv I say a prayer for the people who are involved and after that go stitching and listen to classic music or in the garden.
Your stitches will look great on the hornbook. Sometimes I use woodglue but takes more time to dry than the tape.
Enjoy your day with lots of happiness
Greetings Truus from Holland

Mary Margaret said...

I love your blog and your work is fabulous. I have never finished a piece as a hornbook, but do own a lovely one made by Ann Robbins from Dying to Stitch. It looks like you are planning to finish your piece upsidedown. Maybe this is what you want, but unless I had not learned about the hornbood from Pat and Ann, I would have thought that was correct as well. I am not a techie so I don't know how to attach a picture of my hornbook, so I will try to email it to you.
Either way it will be lovely!

Theresa said...

So much sad news all the time. That sweet baby in Disney I just don't understand the why of it..it's heartbreaking.
I have never finished a piece like this, but I know it will turn out great for you. Theresa

Barb said...

I'm keeping an eye on this finish. I really like what you do and this seems very interesting.

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