Jul 19, 2016


Hello hello.  I can't believe we are in the third week of July.  Why is summer flying by so quickly?  Many of you have high temps, we are getting them too.  But I can sit on my swing and not have it bother me.  It just feels like an extended hot flash to me and I am so used to them.  Mark's friend's wife sleeps on a ChiliPad and keeps it at 60 degrees or she can't sleep.  The newest is BEDJET which fills a special cotton comforter with either warm or cool air, dual zoned.  One is beneath you, the other is on top of you.  Never heard of either but a perfect solution to the he's cold she's hot dilemma.  The older I get, the more important a good night's sleep is.  And the tighter with the buck I get - neither of these are cheap.
Anyway, received my second order from 123.  It included some linen colors from the first order, and these additional.  I like the gold and surprisingly, Grasshopper.  The Copper Penny isn't mottled much, perfect for me, but there is a red spot.  I will start the stitching there to cover it and work out from there.  That should work.
But here's what I wanted to show you and why it is so difficult to order online.  You purchase a chart and order the specified linen and sometimes you don't know that it's very different from the designer's piece and will not look the same.  Case in point, this WDW Dolphin from two sources.  Drastic don't you think?  I don't want the new one, I want the first one.
Under table lighting or a flash, there is no similarity.  My first piece is the right side, dark and gray.  The new piece is light with a tinge of aqua.  I can understand that each dye bath will not be exactly the same but this is too much.  If I had not ordered a second piece, I would have thought Dolphin is the dark, which it may not be!  Who knows which the designer had and which is the real Dolphin?
Lucky is the stitcher with a linen loaded shop.
Hey.  That's good.  Should be on a T-shirt.
Have a good day.

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