Jul 1, 2016

The chart, the fall, the luck

Greetings to all.  But not to July.  Slow down!
First off, I want to pass on the chart that Frances was nice enough to send me, paying it forward.  It's Lydia  C. Durgin from Elizabeth's Garden.
I did not stitch the 4-sided border as charted, just did the regular cross stitch, and changed DMC 646 to DMC 3011.  I think reds, lavender, mustard, just about any color can be substituted.  The top band is all I need for a finish and I though the weekend would be the best time for everyone to see the offer.  Please email me - samplersandsantas@gmail.com if you would like to be included in the drawing Monday evening at 9pm.  Sometimes comments are not specific and I'm not sure if it's a comment or an entry so emails are better. 
I won't be doing much this weekend since I had another bad fall.  But luck was with me.  We were coming out of a locally owned hardware store and I slipped in a slurry of what looked like wet concrete.  This is under a roof and I think their cement bags had leaked, mixed with dripping water from the roof right in front of the parking lot and our car.  The first ankle twisted sideways and then the other slipped opposite as I tried to stop the fall. 
 I don't think there are any breaks but I can't twist or move my left foot much.  It's still cool so I had long jeans on which were covered in the cement, and only a few scrapes and cuts through my top. The luck part?  My head missed the 8" cement column holding up the roof by 1/2".  It was against my cheek when I tried to get up, after I destroyed the downspout attached to its side.  Yikes.  That would have been an ugly sound.   So I am wrapped, iced, and chewing Advils which so far, have done nothing.  Methinks tomorrow will be a bad day.  But I am still here to moan which is a good day.
I planned on taking a drive tomorrow to find boxes since there are none at Pat Catan's here.  Mark will help me so I may still get out and try to find them, including what I need for the corner squares.  Thanks for the input and sources.  Never knew there were charts for the tiny bags to hold them.  So stinkin' cute.
Have a great weekend, be safe!
Don't forget to email if you want the chart- HERE.

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