Aug 27, 2016

A sampler and a santa

Hiya.  Remember the rust that I removed after I removed 4 other colors first?  Yes it looked good on the dark brown, but I just couldn't envision it with the red and blue at the bottom.  Thank goodness for linen's strength.  Because after I changed it to 632 which blended very nicely with the muted colors, I popped for red. 

Yep.  Something hit me (unfortunately it was right after removing the rust and completing the 632 replacement ) that 3777 was it.  I have removed as many stitches as I put in, over and over, same letters. Some evenings I looked around for Bill Murray because this project felt like Groundhog Day. Glad I finally hit on something I can live with.  I planned on the top of the piece being drab so the bottom pops, but it just wasn't working on this very dark linen. Now the large alpha is finally completed, the colors finalized, and I can move toward a finish. 
I hope it comes quickly because the mail brought another order and this guy was in it.  I didn't realize it required overdyed floss so I will have to make another order just for the threads.  I wish he was a little smaller.  On 30 count he is 7 1/2" x 6 3/4".  I also thought Cocoa linen (recommended) was very pinkish brown but this looks very Havana-ish.  I love the 3777 on my current dark brown linen and plan to use this combination for a few Santas.  I see another decision on the horizon.  Not good.
Have a great day!

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