Aug 26, 2016

Release the snark day

That should be on a Tshirt.  Well today is the day.  Mark is golfing so I can snark with no collateral damage.   It's a beautiful sunny day, but the last Friday of August.  I'm working inside to complete an order and found a few pieces of wood cut to 3" square. I labeled the back with the dimension and it can be a corner square or just a floss tag.
We have been giving away tomatoes as fast as we can but can't keep up with the bounty.  I do not like canning tomatoes so I will try making tomato soup and freezing it along with seeded tomato chunks for winter soups.  Love tomato sandwiches with mayo and also grilled cheese with thick slices.

The garden was the best ever since we installed two Enforcers - it definitely keeps the deer out even though we feed them several times a day in the yard.  And of course, I never remembered it was there and got squirted numerous times.  Felt pretty good in this heat!  The short plastic fence is to keep the cats from using the garden as a litter box.
I'm almost 6' and the tomatoes grew above me since this was taken over a month ago. But now, the blight has taken hold and there are no leaves left, just green and red globes.  Breaded and fried green tomato slices drizzled with reduced Balsamic are heavenly.  Lots of various peppers are being canned and made into pepper butter.
Bud is enjoying himself on the new gingham oilcloth I found for the little table.
 They are all past due for flea meds but these brats have turned into summer snots and won't let me apply it.  I've been buying the PetArmor Plus through Walmart online, six pack for $40.  They had it for $32 which is great for 6 vials but the price changes all the time.  Free ship to store too.
I've decided to send The Attic a box or two for their auction instead of stitchery.  I hope that's OK.  This is one of my favorites (had to redo it since the file disappeared) and I think it came out better than the first time.  I can't get these 8" squares so I found an 8" round that I will use.  I wish I knew what equipment was needed to do the videos.  I can show you how I manipulate these.  For example, the large box has the original stitchery in the grass, but look at the round.  The bunny is now behind the peacock because I wanted the blue instead of brown.  Anyone can do this and so many have emailed to request instructions but I can't explain, it has to be viewed. 
That's all I got.  Back to snark central.  I think I will designate a day each week as release the snark day.  We'll see how that works.
Have a great weekend! 
 I am really surprised at how many have entered for the hornie!
Be back on Sunday, all snarked out, with the winner.
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