Aug 12, 2016


Between the hot flashes and the humidity, I keep sweating the electrodes off and beeping like crazy.  Did a little shopping this morning at JCP (no incidents with mannequins or posts this time) and started beeping.  Reminded me of the time my cousin's dog swallowed the little squeaker after tearing into a toy, and started squeaking with every step.
Not getting much done, but did manage some larger boxes. They raised the price again, 75¢ each, so between the postage increase and that, they will be higher in price.  And I may use Etsy since I hope to have the berries offered too, along with a few other box sizes and labels.

Thunderstorms make these guys crawl on their bellies and howl to get in.  Once here, they decide to park near a register for the cool air.
August is half over.  Can't believe it.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Have a great weekend.
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