Aug 13, 2016

Lost and found

Yep.  This sampler was completed in 1990.  I forgot about it, recently found it, worked the design for one of the corner squares, lost the file, found it again, and now it's on a box.   It would make a great corner if I can't find decent square boxes. 
I love it.  At the time, I was using Scarlet Letter's 25 count, and discarded all the charts since no one around here stitched.  I may have to locate another and try again on a higher count.  And a different color house.  Sorry Vickie.
The house reminds me of Merry Wind Farm's Elena Tratman.  I think it is also done in a satin stitch but I'm too tired to get up and look for the chart.  I think this sampler is one of those that looks spectacular when stitched compared to the photo.  I see many charts online and think they're very nice, but when I see someone stitching it, wowzer. 
Enjoy the end of summer days. 
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